22 December 2012

Mary's Prayer--Poetry by Teresa Mathews

Mary's Prayer

What did I do to deserve this?
I am just a plain Hebrew girl.
I've lived a life so ordinary.
What does God see in me?

Me??? The one who will carry the Messiah?
Oh, my Father in Heaven how will I be worthy?
How can I raise the Son of God?
Is it really true?

What will my parents think?
How will they bear the shame?
Oh, help them to believe me Father.
Help them to understand.

How will I tell Joseph?
Will he put me away?
Will he still want to marry me?
Please Father help him to know the truth.

I am so unworthy Father.
I thank you for choosing me.
I will always do your will.
I will listen for your voice telling me what to do.

Already I feel so much love for this child.
I cannot wait to behold the face of my son, my saviour.
I do not know what the future holds for this child
But Father I will trust you with his life.

Once again I thank you for this privilege you have given me
I pray I will live worthy of the honor.
I pray I will be the mother you would want me to be,
to this child and any other in the future I may have.

Your Humble Servant,


©Teresa  S Mathews


  1. Thank you for sharing another beautiful poem with us, Teresa!

    1. THANK YOU MARIAN!! Have to give God the praise because I never liked english when I was in school! I guess something must have gotten through. :D

    2. Funny...English was the only thing I liked in school. :)

  2. Lovely, Teresa! Always enjoy your poems!!!

  3. Can you even imagine what Mary went through -- especially near the end? What a beautiful poem, TERESA! Reminds of that lovely Christmas song -- Mary, Did You Know?

    1. very true, Diana, can't picture what that was like at all! it gives new meaning to what the Christmas experience was like for that family and a reminder about what's really important this time of year :)

    2. I think that's what prompted me to write this...thinking what Mary went through...now days if your pregnant before marriage it's pretty common place but back then NO WAY!! All that had to be going through her mind. That had to be very scary.

  4. Teresa, another beautifully expressed poem!! Your poetry is SUCH an enhancement to this already fabulous blog :) It's unimaginable for Mary being such a young woman to have the faith and devotion to God that she had. Thanks Teresa for sharing this with us, it's so precious to consider what that time was like for Mary as she prepared to become the mom of God.
    Blessings Teresa, you are constantly blessing me :)

  5. KARA thank you... every time you come on here you are like a cheerleader to us! I hope when we get to Heaven you will have extra jewels in your crown for that! THANK YOU! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! :)

    1. Teresa, I'm so touched by this that I started to cry...you're very welcome :) It is my pleasure and my joy to bless you (Carrie, Marian, Diana, and Noela) on this blog as you all bless me!! LOOOOVE being your cheerleader and having the chance to support your postings here, you EACH bring something special to this blog :) Keep writing this wonderful poetry, you stir up our hearts as you share yours :)
      Merry Christmas to you and your family as well, dear friend XXOO

  6. Beautiful words, Teresa! One can only imagine what must have occurred; the bias, the gossip, the hardship that Mary went through. God certainly blessed her and gave her strength of character, as well as Joseph. Thank you for bringing into focus a small part of what she might have felt. You are a gifted wordsmith!

    1. Anne thank you so much, you always know just what to say to make me smile. :)

  7. Dear TERESA, what a lovely way to express some of the emotions Mary must of been feeling! And what an AWESOME gift Mary was blessed with to carry the Son of God! But how beautiful is it how God looks on each one of us the same as He did Mary... how He loves us all just as much? Just blows me away at times!

    Have a blessed Christmas TERESA! <3

  8. NOELA thank you! It is so amazing that if I had been the only one to accept Jesus God would have still sent Him. :) MERRY CHRISTMAS to my sweet Sister.


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