22 November 2012

THANKS, a Thanksgiving Poem by Teresa S. Mathews


                       Come ye thankful people come,
                       Praise Him, God's only son.

                       Thank Him for His wonderful deeds,
                       Thank Him for meeting all our needs.

                       Thank Him for His loving ways,
                       Thank Him each and every day.

                       Thank Him with your hands held high,
                       Thank Him until the day you die.

                       Thank Him for family and friends,
                       Thank Him for love that never ends.

                       Thank you Lord for blessings one and all,
                       Thank you for each one, big or small.

                       Help me Lord each and every day
                       To tell you thank you no matter what comes my way.
                                                    Teresa S. Mathews 11/19/11(c)

Happy Thanksgiving from Carrie,
Diana, Marian, Noela and Teresa

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