17 November 2012

Streams by Murray Pura Reviewed by Marian Baay

Zondervan, 2010

Reviewed by Marian Baay

5 stars~*****

In Streams author Murray Pura takes us on a journey alongside several important waters in the Bible. He explains the importance of water in Scripture and blends his own – sometimes difficult – life experiences in the story.
Israel met several obstacles in waters like the Red Sea and when they sat at the River of Babylon. As modern Christians we meet the same sort of obstacles and need God to help us through.
There are times we dwell in a spiritual desert where everything seems dry and lifeless. We see Elijah and David also going through that. It’s encouraging to read how the author honestly writes about the time in his own spiritual desert.
There are found new beginnings and new life at the Jordan River. It was at the Sea of Galilee where Jesus was always there for his disciples—just like He is always with us now.

This book is adventurous, exciting, also sobering and encouraging—it offers hope through our tribulations. It’s beautifully written and once again the author knows how to paint the story in the reader’s mind.

I have also listened to the audio of this book—which the author has narrated by himself. I believe listening to the author reading his own book will only add to the blessing this book already is.

Murray's books can be purchased through Amazon, at CBD,  also available through Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores.


GIVEAWAY: One commenter who answers today's question and is a follower of this blog will win a copy of Streams. Tell us if you are a follower when you leave a comment and don't forget to leave your email address as well.
QUESTION: As Christians we need God's help daily. Is there a special thing God helped you with that you are willing to share with us?

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  1. First of all, great review MARIAN!! And also great video review MURRAY! :) It sounds like a book that would water your soul and fill a thirsty spirit. Seriously. I want this book!

    In answer to the question, I had so many things go through my mind to write... some incredible answers to questions as in the form of a dream directly from God; or having Him use my hand to write down an answer to a prayer on my heart about the lost, etc., but the thing I want to share that God has helped me with is low self-esteem and insecurity. For some years that caused too many tears and drama.
    But eventually I learnt to trust God and Love and NOT emotions, and since then I've never been happier or more at peace. My advice, for anything you struggle with, or your 'wall of water' that is in the way, is to be patient, and keep trusting in God.

  2. Thank you NOELA. I hope you will be blessed as well when you get to read it (I highly recommend listening to the audio as well).

    Thank you for sharing about overcoming your low self-esteem. It is something I am - or I must say WAS - familiair with. I really learned to enjoy life after the Lord took that away from me. Then I learned to truly laugh.

  3. God protected me and my son Micah when we were in a car wreck in April 0f 2011 .I am not suppose to be alive.Some days when the pain try's to get to me I always say that " God has a plan and He is working it out for my good and His Glory .Would love to win a copy .Thank you ,Dana Spille

  4. Marian, this sounds like such a great book, and you made the beauty and the wisdom of it shine through your review, my friend and cohort!

    God has helped me go through many Red Sea experiences (where I was right up against it!) this year and I did make it through to dry land!! One that I can mention is when I got a lump on my jaw about the size of an egg, and the dr. mentioned the "C" word. I trusted God along with my friends and family, and it was just nothing really...almost gone now!! PTL!!

  5. DANA, you're right that God has a plan for your life. So glad He spared you! Praying for relief from your pain.
    Good luck in the drawing!

  6. Thank you, DIANA, my dear friend and cohort! :) There are many obstacles in our life. What would we do without God helping us through them?
    I remember when you had that lump. We all prayed and God blessed you. So thankful it was nothing serious! PTL

  7. God helps me be more patient and more relaxed! I used to have anxiety really bad, but prayed that God would help me and I have put my faith in him : ) makeighleekyleigh at yahoo.com

  8. Great review Marian. Yes this last week has been trying for friends of mine. I needed to be strong for my friend but felt I was losing my strength. I prayed asking God to please give me enough strength to help my friend. I prayed that he protect my friends and heal. God answered my prayers and I am so thankful, feel very blessed

  9. That's great, MEGAN! A lot of people struggle with that. Bless you!

  10. Wow CATHY, it's such an awesome feeling to feel blessed! When we are weak He is strong! Blessings!

  11. Murray Pura is one of the best! I've been enjoying his books, and would love to win a copy of Streams! I purchased a copy of Rooted and it's wonderful!

  12. I agree with you NANCEE that Murray is one of the best! I have listened to Rooted as well and was extremely blessed by it.
    Please stop by again to answer today's question to be entered in the contest. Thanks!

  13. MARIAN, Thanks for this review of this delightful book by Murray! It is a good one to put at the end of our Mindy Starns Clark week because with all she has been through, I imagine she spends a lot of time in prayer. In fact, Mindy said she was told to spend the weekend in bed, so lets pray for her, okay?

  14. Yes, I recall reading that Mindy said she has to spend the weekend in bed. I hope she can read or listen to a good book while she's resting.

  15. Marian, your review touched my heart. Life is really hard at times. Things happen in life that confuses us. One thing that I know for sure is that God is walking right beside me.

    The special thing that God has helped me with and still is helping me with happened recently. I am basically being shunned by my family. (Not by my real Sister and Brother. They still love me!) The hurtful thing is I don't really know why. It is something that my Step-Mom has instigated against me and my Dad has thrown our relationship aside because of the fear my Step-Mom will leave him. She is full of vindictive evil lies that she has been spreading about me. A very nasty comment was put on FB regarding me. I don't understand why I am being attacked. I agonized over this for several days. Monday of this week I was beside myself. I cried out to God please help me. Help me to let go and not keep wondering why, why, why. Tuesday I felt more peace about it but still cried out to God. I need you to help me to completely release this. I can tell you right now I have made complete peace over this and have been focusing on how I can glorify God through all of this. After all, it isn't about me, it isn't about family, it is all about God. He knows the truth and he wants me to concentrate on serving and praising Him. Isn't that the neatest thing?

    Blessings! Judy
    I am a follower of this blog.

  16. Great review.God has helped me in many many ways.He gives me strength to go on when I don't feel like I can.He has gave me strength to move forward after losing my only brother.God is great.Thanks...jackie_tessnair@yahoo.com


  17. Oh my, where to start! God has helped me through so many hard times. One of the first was when my two oldest kids were in a headon crash, as teenagers,and HE took care of them and, my daughter got her teeth fixed and my son had cuts on his face, that you have to look for now. It could have been such a tragic ending. He helped me cope after losing my first sibling with cancer at the age of 47. She was my best friend. Then, just four months afterward, my daddy passed with heart attack. That was a really a hard time. Now there have been many others who have gone to meet our LORD. Losing my husband to cancer was really hard and left me alone. GOD helped me through, and took my fear of being alone away, and I know my Joe doesn't hurt anymore and is in a wonderful place. And, I had problems with my step-children and GOD helped me forgive and go on with them as if nothing happened, showing them my love. AND, we have had so many miracles in our Lloyd family thru the years, with wrecks that shouldn't have been survived, but with the Grace of our Savior, they all got well. With my age and coming from a large family like mine, you go through many trials. I just don't know how people without knowing GOD ever make it. I would love to win Murray's book. Maxie I am a OTT follower.


  18. Carrie, whee are the Two give-aways for Mindy Starns Clark's book? I don't see a link. Maxie mac262@me.com )

  19. Thank you JUDY for sharing this!
    That must be so awful reading such a nasty comment! But I loved the part where you told us that you cried out to God and that you have made complete peace over it. Only God can give such peace in your heart.
    It's good to share these things. By sharing your struggles and telling us how God helped you through you are glorifying Him!
    This is something Murray is also doing in this book. I think you will find this book very helpful and encouraging.
    Bless you, my sister in Christ!

  20. JACKIE, God takes care of His children and provides for their needs. Thank God for the strenght He's giving you after losing your brother.

  21. MAXIE, you have seen a lot of God's work in your life. Thank you for sharing about the losses, recoveries, and the hopeful future when you will meet your loved ones again.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  22. MAXIE, scroll down and click on 'Older Post' underneath the comment box and you will go to Teresa's review of Mindy's new book.
    I have also send you the links in a facebook message.
    Good luck!

  23. MAXIE, Yes there are TWO giveaways this week for a Mindy Starns Clark book and I drew one already and will be drawing another after midnight tonight. Winner will be notified tomorrow.

  24. MARIAN Wonderful Review!! Sorry I'm late coming on the blog but Saturdays are always crazy busy for me and we are having Thanksgiving Dinner at church tomorrow so alas I'm cooking!! Murray's book sounds like something everyone can benefit from.

    I have more things that God has helped me with than I have time to type. From the time I had asthma as a kid and mom and dad didn't have the money to take me to the hospital so daddy prayed for me and I was healed! To the time my hubby (then boyfriend) were in a bad car wreck and my face hit the dash so hard it broke the dash. I was bruised for weeks but nothing was broken. I could go on and on about what my HEAVENLY FATHER has done for me and I could NEVER thank him enough. Another thing He has done for me lately is giving me the absolute BEST FRIENDS a person could ask for in you MARIAN my new daughter, and NOELA my new sister and of COURSE MY BFF's DIANA and CARRIE. And ALL the new friends I've made on this blog. GOD IS SO GOOD. :)

  25. TERESA, Wow, God has really provided one miracle after another for you! What blessings! And I am so glad God put us together and I am grateful for our readers and pray that we bless them, too!

  26. Thank you for stopping by TERESA. I know Saturdays are busy for you, so I double appreciate it that you came by!
    I agree that God has blessed us with each other!
    I'm with CARRIE and also pray that we are a blessing to our readers.

  27. Great Review Miriam [as usual]. I'd love to win this one because I think Murray is such a great writer and is clearly a knowledgeable guy! I find that God is present in everything I have encountered but most of all when my daughter had a mental breakdown and left her family for someone else God was so present and He guided me and helped me to help my son-in-law be tenacious in pursuing her. She came home and all is well these 15+ years later. Blessings! Darlene spangldlady[at]gmail[dot]com

  28. Oh, yes, I am a follower of OTT Darlene

  29. Thank you DARLENE. Thanks for sharing! It's good to hear that your daughter came home and all is well now!!

  30. DANA, you have won a copy of MURRAY Pura's Streams! This is a beautiful book! CONGRATS!!!

  31. Congrats DANA, I pray this book will bless you!

  32. God has helped me all through out my life.....I don't know where I would be without Him! rhonda_nash_hall@comcast.net


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