27 October 2012

Guest Post by Melissa K. Norris Overcoming Miscarriage with God's Help

Overcoming Tough Times
How God Used My Miscarriage to Turn Me Back to Him
By Melissa K. Norris

I used to dread when the phone would ring late at night. When I was child, we received word via the telephone my beloved grandmother had passed away. Even without my mother saying the words out loud, I knew. And when she walked towards me, I backed away, hands up, trying to ward off the awful news.
As a young woman in my early twenties, I got the call that the test results on my pregnancy had come back low and they suspected an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy.
Both times a cloud of denial shrouded me. If no one touches me, if no one speaks, then this will go away. And then a voice would shatter my denial and sobs clawed their way up my throat.
My heart cried, “Why, God? Why did You do this?”
When I could no longer shoulder the anger, brokenly, I turned to Him. When I was too weary to cry or speak, my bruised heart uttered this silent plea, Help me, Lord.
I sat in our rocking recliner, my hands clutched my Bible. My eyes burned, feeling as if any minute they’d swell shut, but I pried open the pages.
“That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:10
The truth of this verse rocked me. It was only in this time of exhaustion that I truly leaned on God.
 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”  James 1:17
Every good and perfect is from God. Anything else is not.
God hadn’t done this to me. He hadn’t taken my grandmother or ripped my unborn child from my womb. God doesn’t cause hardships.
But He does use them. When we are weak, we allow Him to work. We realize we can’t do things on our own. We give Him the opportunity to show us His strength.
Why I don’t look forward to hardships, I no longer fear the ringing of the phone. Because I know that God is by my side. I know that if I chose to let Him, He can find good in any situation. I’d rather my suffering not be in vain.
So when trying times threaten to paralyze me, I turn to my Father. I ask Him to lift me up in His arms. And He does.
He used my miscarriage to turn my writing career to Him.  I was touched by this story of one women’s loss and her words, And God took all of our ashes and made something BEAUTIFUL out of them. You can read more from her story here.


  1. You know I've lost a child, but also miscarried long years ago, as well. I don't think any one Scripture was more of a comfort to me than another, but I do remember clutching my Bible to my chest while weeping. In fact, I still want to do that.

  2. MELISSA, thank you for being our guest today on OTT and for sharing your heartbreak with us. I know alot about that as I had 3 miscarriages-one at over 4 months along. I can't remember any particular verse that stood out to me, but I do remember sobbing and asking God to help me. I shared earlier on another post of how He supernaturally did just that! He is faithful and we can be assured and receive comfort in the fact that the little ones we have lost are waiting for us in Heaven.

    And this has nothing to do with anything, but MELISSA, you are as cute as a button! lol

  3. ANNE, you are never far from our thoughts and prayers, sweetie.

  4. Melissa, I'm sorry I didn't give my condolences in my earlier response. It is always difficult to lose a child, and there are just no words that can truly console, other than God's. It's in these darkest moments that we see His Light, shining forth as the brightest beacon of hope! I trust completely that we will see our precious children again, confident in Christ and all that He has accomplished for us! Thank you for sharing your ♥ and sorrow. We must carry one another's burdens, pray diligently for each other, and one day we, too, shall meet on that bright shore :)

  5. Diana, one thing I've found to be such a comfort is the love of other believers. Beings able to share with them, such as we do here, helps to lighten the load. Many times I've cried out to God when my voice would barely push past the tears and He always answers. :)

    And thanks for your button comment, it made me smile. :)

    Thank you for your sweet words and my heart goes out to all of us who have suffered the loss of a child. But He has been so faithful to each of us. Your words are beautiful and I look forward to dancing along that shore.

  6. Here is the song the Lord gave me years ago. Today it fits my dear son as well who passed away June 3-2011.

    To the Children of My Heart

    One day I'll know you
    And you'll know me

    One day I'll hold you
    And you'll hold me

    Until these days
    Have passed away

    Jesus knows you
    And He holds you

    ...And me

    I first got the melody which is like a nursery lullaby song; then the words. How great is our God! Our Redeemer, our Lord
    Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  7. MELISSA, We are getting ready for the big storm here! I pray every body stays safe, warm, and dry! Thank you for sharing with us and being out GUEST!!!

  8. KATHLEEN, that is beautiful and touching! Would you be willing to share that with us as a guest post and would you talk about your son? I am thinking near Mother's Day. Blessings!

  9. KATHLEEN, The Lord is good! How precious that He put those words on your heart and in your mind as a comfort. You have been such a blessed support for me these past 5 months and I thank the Lord for you! And also the wonderful ladies here at OTT :)

  10. Thank you Carrie and Anne, The Lord has seen to the end of our lives on earth and comes back to walk through it with us daily. How much He loves us and holds us close. Kathleen
    Actually, Carrie, the Lord gave me more about my son thirty years ago. I was making my bed and had just pulled the cover up over the last pillow when so clear I heard ~*~ "You gave him as a child, I hold him as a man." Through the years I took it as an undergirding. My first born and only son. Today I take it literally. Love to you both, and yes Anne, He holds our every tear and gives us wonderful warm memories of our times with our children, both of us. We are dear to His heart.

  11. I have been here reading these comments with tears in my eyes. I have always felt the baby I lost was two, twins. The last few years before I had numerous dreams of lying on a bed with twin babies. I have never had the dream since and it's been 35 years. GOD bless each of you. Maxie

  12. ANNE, we are all in good company then today, aren't we! You are such a sweetheart and an amazing blogger. HUGS!!!

  13. Yes, our kids our His. that is tough to remember sometimes, though, KATHLEEN! HUGS!!!

  14. Kathleen, the song brought tears to my eyes. Oh, His love is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    Dreams can be such gifts from God, Maxie. I pray you have many more good ones.

    Thanks so much for having me today. I've felt the love from my fellow sisters in Him.

  15. So touching and emotional to read some of these posts. Warms my heart that there will be so many jouyous re-unions in Heaven!

    Bless you MELISSA for your book and your strength and encouragement to others. Thanks so much for sharing from your heart! <3

    I haven't seen October Baby CARRIE, but after watching the trailer just now, I think I'll be buying the DVD. Seems like it will be an incredibly powerful movie, and one with a much-needed message in today's world.

  16. I have lost two babies to miscarriages. I always go back to Psalm 139 which is one of my favorites. There are many others that have helped me as well though. One thing that has stuck in my head, and helped so much, was something Michelle Duggar said after the loss of their little girl. She was talking about how sad it makes us that we didn't get to see and share so many things with these precious children. But for the child, they didn't get to see us or life down here, but the very first thing they got to see was Jesus. How wonderful is that? Brings tears to my eyes whenever I think of it.

  17. Noela, Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I haven't seen October Baby either but plan on watching it soon.

    Ashley, what a beautiful and true way to look at this. Thank you so much for sharing Michelle's words. And my condolences on your loss, but what rejoicing we'll feel on that day.

  18. MELISSA, thank you for visiting with us and ministering to our readers, too! Bless you!

    Wow, ASHLEY--I got Holy Ghost bumps from that--the first thing they saw was Jesus!!! Takes some of the sting away. Hugs!

  19. I pray for those that have lost children. I would love to win this book. makeighleekyleigh at yahoo.com


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