19 September 2012

Audiobook Review of Karen Witemeyer's Short Straw Bride by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Short Straw Bride

Short Straw Bride
By Karen Witemeyer
(Bethany House, 2012)                           
5 stars*****

I listened to Short Straw Bride as an audible.com download.  A great listen!  

Karen Witemeyer's Short Straw Bride reflects themes of parental death, responsibility for family, and isolation from other as a means of protection.  Set in post-Civil War Texas, a young girl, Meredith Hayes, crosses the line onto Archer land. The young men, orphans, have as their family head Travis Archer, the oldest boy.

Travis blames himself for his father's death. His guilt and a commitment he made to his father imprisons him and his brothers on their land.

A decade later, Meredith overhears something that sends her back to the Archers.  All these years, she has harbored feelings for Travis.  An adult orphan now, her aunt and uncle are pushing her into an unsuitable marriage. 

I love the "Short Straw Bride" title and the theme in the book, which was very clever.  And Meredith has a physical issue that Karen well incorporates into the storyline.

I don't want to spoil the story, but I will say this book had it all--voice that was great for the characters (and a narrator for this audiobook who was very good), tight storyline, and great characterization and romance.  

Don't miss out on this!  And if you enjoy audiobooks, I highly recommend this latest release by Karen Witemeyer!

Karen Witemeyer's books can be purchased at AmazonCBDB & NLifeway and other Christian book stores. 

Giveaway:  Karen is giving away a signed copy of SSB this week and we are offering a choice of any of Karen's books, choice of format (international winners ebook only.)  


  1. A great review as always, CARRIE! I always love your insightful and interesting posts. This is a very clever little story-Karen did a great job on it!

  2. Carrie - Thanks so much for the review. I haven't actually listened to the audio version yet, so I was very happy to hear that the narrator did a good job. That can really make a difference.

    I enjoy audiobooks when I exercise. Sometimes knowing that I can get back to a story is the only thing motivating me to get on that treadmill. Ha!

  3. CARRIE you always amaze me with your wonderful reviews! Karen is a wonderful author!

  4. I only ever listen to audio books/cd's when I travel. They sure make the time go by! Of course I am usually limited in selection to what Cracker Barrel or the local library has...


  5. I have SSB but would love to win another of Karen's books thanks

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. I have never read a book by Karen Witmeyer that I didn't love! She is one of my most favorite authors.

    Used to listen to audio books while on the treadmill too until my doctor ordered me off-arthritis.

    Thank you for this great giveaway.


  7. Thanks DIANA and TERESA--I don't even try to compete with the great reviews you two do!!!

  8. KAREN, I know a horrible narrator can ruin your book and even sales for the audiobooks, of course. Do they give you any say at all in this process--I am thinking not.

  9. PATTY, well now I wonder what you do with those books you win, lol! Do you give them away or listen to the Kindle books on audio?

  10. Carrie - No, I have no say at all in the narrator. That is contracted by a different company and they gain full production control when they buy the rights to produce the audio version. So doubly thankful for a good one!

  11. CARRIE, I didn't know you had a review up today. Well, you said you had to post it, but I thought it was for later this week. So here I am past midnight and ready to go to bed, but wanted to tell you that I liked reading your review. It's always great when you are sharing one of your reviews. You have an unique voice!

    KAREN, I saw the Dutch edition of To Win Her Heart in the bookstore today! :)

  12. CAROL, I have arthritis, too, and like to listen to the books when I am cleaning and also when I am in a flare up. And on the way to and from appointments. I ride the exercise bike and listen, too, sometimes.

  13. KAREN, you probably know about what happened to someone we both know, who had a horrible narration (worst I have ever heard) done to her book so she narrated her next book herself. That is kind of scary to think they can have someone not-so-good doing it, but... At least it is on audio and for the most part they are great!

  14. MARIAN! hope you are sleeping now!! I ended up writing this review up today and I looked at the schedule and I figured I better get it up now because the amazing DIANA will be on tomorrow.

  15. triplel@evertek.net> wrote:

    I have tried to locate a way to leave a comment on the drawing you are having on Karen Witemeyer's books, but I do not find it. It has "Post A Comment," but when I click on it, it does not take me anywhere or opens up a box I can type in to respond.

    Can you please enter me in the drawing for one of her books. I am actually reading Short-Straw Bride now and it is the only book I have ever read of Karen's, but I am already a fan!

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the drawing and thank you for offering great Christian fiction giveaways!



  16. We have you entered now, LORI! Blessings!

  17. Good to know the audiobook is a great listen - a friend has an hour drive commute to work and loves to listen to audiobooks.

    jswaks at gmail dot com

  18. I used to listen on my commutes but I no longer drive to and from work, JES. Because of my arthritis, I am lying down right now and listening to a book I downloaded through audible.com. Very grateful for the audiobooks!

  19. Looking forward to marking this book off my list!


  20. another audio fan! hoping you're feeling better?!
    great giveaway =) TY!
    faithhopecherrytea at*gmail.*com

  21. FHC--nah, but I am hanging in there! Thanks!


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