25 August 2012

Worthy of Praise by Teresa Mathews

Worthy of Praise

When you come into His house, what goes through your mind?
Do you think of all your troubles? Or do you leave them all behind?

Do you want to sit there quietly and just enjoy the view?
Do you hope no one notices you aren’t praising too?

The reason that we’ve come is to be in one accord,
Lifting up our hands, shouting praises to our Lord.

The God of love, the God of power, the One who made us all,
He’s the one we’re praising and He’s the one upon whom we call.

He’s given us our life, He’s given us power over sin,
He’s given us His Spirit that dwells down deep within.

Why not praise him in His house, praise Him in your pew?
Why NOT lift up holy hands and shout God I love you?!

Is it really such a burden, such a hard cross to bear?
Just to lift your voice and put your hands in the air?

Jesus didn’t seem to mind what he did for me and you
He was lifted in the air and on a cross he hung there too.
Doesn’t that mean anything? Doesn’t that touch your soul?
Doesn’t that make you want to shout and let the praises roll?

One day soon when Jesus comes and takes us all away,
I’m sure that there will be praises going up on that day.

But why wait for that day and time to lift up His Holy Name?
Why would you wait for the Rocks to Cry out and put you to shame?

Start today, start right now, lifting up those hands above.
Tell how much He Means to you and say His name with love.

Let the praises flow from deep within, let His Name be raised,
For He is good and He is mighty, and Worthy of all Praise.

Teresa S Mathews ©



  1. Oh I love this poem Teresa! And I love lifting up my hands to praise Him too! :) There have been so many times I've come out of church or even after spending time with our Lord at home... and thought 'oh world, lift up your eyes and acknowledge your Saviour, He loves you SO much'!!

  2. Wow, beautiful poem, T.!
    I'm speechless - and will carry those beautiful words with me today...

  3. I love this poem, TERESA! I don't want no rocks to praise Him in my place. Even though I had already read this poem, I'm still (like Marian just said) speechless. And that doesn't happen to me often as you all well know! I know I need to praise Him more than I do, for He is worthy of all our praise!

  4. Oh Teresa your poem says it all! I will remember it when I go into the House of the Lord beginning tomorrow and every time we meet for corporate worship. If I can lift my hands up and praise Him in my home, I surely can praise Him in our church congregation! Thank you for this beautiful reminder. After all, it's all about HIM!

  5. NOELA isn't it the best feeling ever when you have been in the presence of The KING? :)

  6. Thank you Dear daughter, MARIAN! I'm glad you liked it. But I am just the instrument HE used to write the words, they were from HIM!

  7. DIANA, we could never praise him enough for all HE has done for us. :)

  8. JUDY you are right it is all about HIM, the least we can do it praise HIM!

  9. Oh how beautiful from the soul of a life filled with His Spirit. Oh how He loves us. How can we not praise His Holy Name? Love you Teresa

  10. Love your post on Praise... Thank you, we need to praise Him more. I know I need to.

  11. BETTY thank you...love you too! Thanks for coming by. :)

  12. REV.JUSTICE, yes we do need to praise HIM more!

  13. Teresa... what a beautiful and touching poem! If you don't mind I'm going to print it and save it. It's something I'd love to read at the beginning of every day. Thank you for blessing me with your beautiful words. God bless you!

  14. NANCEE, I'm so glad you liked it! It makes me feel good to know it has blessed someone. I don't mind you printing it out. :)


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