04 August 2012

Thank You Lord by Teresa S. Mathews

Thank You Lord

I got of bed this morning, feeling pretty good
I put my feet upon the floor, on my legs I stood.

I walked into the bathroom and in the mirror looked
I took a second glance and said Wow, you look good.

I had to take a moment and really think this through.
How could this be possible? I'm way past twenty two.

Then it hit me, I know the reason why!
I have a great big secret; I've been given eternal life.

When the load of sin I carried was finally washed away
Jesus love came in and the ugly was gone to stay.

What a happy moment, my face began to shine
All the cares and worries of life I suddenly left behind.

Thank you Lord I love you so, you have been so great,
And now when people look at me I won't ever hesitate

To tell what a wonderful Lord you are and all that you can do
And maybe they'll come to know you Lord and get a face lift too!

Thank You Lord
©TSM 11-17-2008


  1. THANK YOU LORD!! I just love Him so.
    Bless you Teressa for this.
    And for the pic, has someone just gotten married? If so, congrats!


  2. That girl in the mirror is PRICELESS!! T, your brother, STEVE, sent me another sermon on that- I'll have to send you the message. :) Sometimes the Lord has to refresh our memories, especially to people with short ones like moi!

    What a beautiful poem, and a lady that has gotten even more lovely as the years have gone by, inside and out!

  3. Beautiful... both the poem and the lady in the photo (Teresa!). :) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Oh I LOVE the poem and the PIC, Teresa!!! What a beautiful bride, inside and out! Big hugs! I thank God every day for my hubby and daughter and son. I thank God all of us ladies on OTT-WGH have been blessed by God giving us super hubbies!I think Jeff believes he is just my chauffeur right now, though, lol!

  5. This poem is beautiful, TERESA! And the pic is just as beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. GANISE the person in the mirror is a much younger version of myself. :) That was the day I married the sweetest man in the world, he has put up with me for 25 years lol!! Thank you for stopping OTT on a Saturday Morning!

  7. DIANA you my precious friend are PRICELESS also! I am so glad I still have my brother Steve, I knew that when he was in that coma God was giving him some words of wisdom that he would come back and share with us!!

  8. MARIAN thank you so much. You are PRICELESS to me also! :)

  9. LADETTE thank you, you are so sweet! :)

  10. CARRIE when you told me I should put up a picture of a mirror, I kept thinking "I know I have one somewhere". LOL! I too am thankful for my chauffeur hubby, he jokes and tells everyone that I never drive him around. Well I did on Wednesday, he was at work and fell off a ladder and hit his head and arm. PTL the only problem was he sprang his wrist.

    CARRIE I also want to tell you that you are PRICELESS to me. God is so good to bring such precious ladies into my life. :)

  11. You certainly have a gift of writing poetry, TERESA! Thank you for sharing such a testimony with us today :) I'm part & partial to your wedding photo because your dress is SO much like mine was 30 yrs ago!

  12. ANNE thank you! I guess the old saying is true GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!! LOL!

  13. I loved this poem and the photo before it. How uplifting the poem was and how beautiful the photo. Isn't it just like God to send people like me to this blogsite that really need to hear his words spoken through Teresa.

    Thanks for the blessing!

  14. MISSKALLIE..thank you so much! So glad you dropped by. :)

  15. JUDY I'm so glad this blessed you, it makes me feel good to know that God could use me to bless others. He is so good, He knows just what we need. :)

  16. Glad Carlton is all right TERESA--that must have been scary. No fun being a chauffeur under those conditions. Thanks for the prayers--we are safely home. And have laundry going, lol! And thank you for you kind words--God has really blessed me with you and Diana and Marian and our readers! What an amazing opportunity he has given us. Big hugs!

  17. I had a feeling =) Beautiful, Teresa..

  18. YAY! Welcome home, CARRIE! The worst part about coming back home from a trip-laundry. ugg But so glad you had a safe trip, and am eager to hear all about it!

    Yes, He has certainly blessed me with all of you cohorts (love that word, MARIAN!), and all of our wonderful, PRICELESS readers!


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