06 July 2012

Marian's review of Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren

The Grand Tour Series book 1

Reviewed by Marian Baay
5 stars *****

Lisa Bergren writes a fabulous story in Glamorous Illusions!

Cora Diehl grew up in a poor farmer family. When her papa suffers a second stroke, a wealthy stranger comes to her door to announce that he is her biological father. Cora can't believe it, but when her mother affirms the story her world is turned upside down.

Mr. Kensington is a wealthy man. He offers the best medical care to Cora's papa. But Cora must come with him to meet his children and go with them on their Grand Tour of Europe. Eventually Cora decides to go. She's introduced to his family and she gets her own maid. 

After the first introduction to her siblings she feels unaccepted and lonely. How is she ever to deal with her siblings the whole summer?
Her life is suddenly so different now. She starts to wonder who she really is. Mr. Kensington encourages her to find that out on her Grand Tour.

The bear and his nephew Will are to look after the Kensington siblings and their friends. Will is a young man who is attracted to Cora from the first moment they meet. But as her protector he can't pursue her.

From Montana to England and from England to France is where this first book of the Grand Tour Series will take you. Sail with Cora to Europe to enjoy the grand houses and enter their balls. Let yourself fall in love with the awesome characters in this story. I loved every page of this book. Lisa knows how to keep your interest. I hated to see this book end and I am eagerly awaiting the next two books in this series!

*Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my review copy. I was not required to write a positive review.*

You can buy Lisa's books on Amazon, CBD and other book stores.


  1. Nice review, MARIAN, and by the way, I am your fan, too! :) I really hope everyone will order a copy of this book--sheer enjoyment from beginning to end!

  2. DIANA!! YAY, another fan! Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine someone ever becoming my fan. LOL

    Of course I'm your fan, too. :))

  3. Thank you, MARIAN! Now I have a fan!! YAY! Or maybe we're a mutual admiration society. :)

  4. I'm your fan, too! I bet Marko is your biggest fan! Hugs!!!

  5. Thank you CARRIE. And I'm your fan, too!
    Marko never told me that. I think I need to ask him about that... ;)

  6. H-E-L-L-O...I want to say that I am a fan of the OTT-WGH LADIES! I think you all are the GREATEST friends anyone could have. :)

    And yes MARIAN you need to ask your sweetie about that. LOL

  7. Thanks for the review, friend! I appreciate you!

  8. this is just a big fan club over here, huh? LOL! I'm a fan of OTT-WGH!

  9. TERESA, DIANA, and ANNE, I am your fans, too!!!

  10. Better tell it all in one comment or I am going to repeat myself... ;)
    LOVE Y'ALL C, D, T and ANNE!!

  11. Love y'all back! TERESA, we have made alot of progress with MARIAN. She said y'all. Now to work on CARRIE! lol

  12. Yes hun, I said that, didn't I?! :))

  13. MARIAN you made my day! :) DIANA if we got MARIAN to use Y'ALL, I know we can convince CARRIE, she's a lot closer to the Mason-Dixon line than MARIAN! lol!


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