30 June 2012

Persevering and Overcoming - Crown of Life

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him.     
James 1:12

What a great verse to grab onto!  I have this on a sticky note in the back of one of my bibles.  
Are you looking for a bible study this month?  Diana, Marian, Teresa and I had discussed pursuing a bible study and I think I have one that anyone with a bible can do.  My pastor, Larry Jones, is doing a month long study of Mark.  Would you join me, and others, in reading Mark this month?  My Saturday commentaries will focus on Mark.  Part of perseverance is outfitting ourselves to stand the test.  One way is to get into the Word on a consistent basis.  

No bible study planned already - no problem!!!  Come join us in the month of July as we study through the Book of Mark!  Blessings on the journey!


  1. I have so enjoyed Pastor Larry Jones's daily devotionals, and so I have "adopted" him as my other pastor. I am so glad that he still teaches on repentance and against all of this new prosperity and feel good theology. One well-known pastor said he doesn't preach against sin...other pastors do that. He preaches a feel good message, and I do feel good after I listen to him! lol! But will a constant diet of those kind of messages help one to get into Heaven?

    As the scripture above clearly states we must persevere through our trials; something that is hard to do but there is no choice, if we want to inherit that crown of life (goodness that is a gorgeous crown pic above, CARRIE!), and I sure do!!

  2. I have enjoyed Larry's devotionals, too! Should put his link up because he is doing Mark this month and our church is studying it. I love what he says each day!

    That picture is fabulous. I got it from Google Images. It is a wax museum replica of a king's crown.

  3. I LOVE IT!!! And our crown of life will be even more fabulous than anything man could ever conjure up...can't even imagine!

  4. Awesome Scripture! Very encouraging and who couldn't use a little encouragement now and again!? :) Thanks ladies!

  5. I love that scripture LADETTE! Yes, I need it every day--encouragement and scripture!

    DIANA, exactly! Wow, wonder what that will look like and then to lay it before our KING!!!

  6. As Jennifer Lopez always says. "Ooh, I've got the goosies!"


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