28 April 2012

Two Friends Overcoming Breast Cancer

My two best friends, one African-American and the other Irish-American, both were diagnosed with breast cancer the year my mother died. Both of their mothers had breast cancer and had survived, although one is still being followed as her cancer is one of those tricky kinds that keeps popping up again.

A lot of praying, crying, encouragement, and time in the Word accompanied that time period. One memorable day, my daughter and I picked up flowers, pizza, and another goody and drove to my girlfriend’s house in a nearby town. I’d remembered how isolated I felt when my mother was going through her treatment and I didn’t want Susan to think there wouldn’t be something demonstrating my support.  I think both the person diagnosed and the loved ones often feel so alone.  I wanted to be there for my friend. 

My other friend, who I’ve known for almost thirty years, had a stiff upper lip attitude and didn’t even share about her breast cancer until after she’d had surgery. Raised in the deep south, she keeps a lot of stuff inside until she’s gotten through the worst of it. The downside of that, of course, is not receiving the support that could be offered you – and the prayers.

I have supported the American Institute of Cancer Research  for thirty years - back when it was considered nutty to believe foods consumed could have anything to do with cancer's prevention. Of course we now know there is input from food, environment, genetics, etc. Click on their name, above, to check out their website.

Nancy Herriman week ends today and we have been glad to have this breast cancer overcomer on with us this week.  She is a talented author.  Winner announced tomorrow morning.  Leave a comment with your email address for a chance to win!

Are you a cancer survivor or friend or relative of a breast cancer overcomer?  What is the best thing to do when getting through this diagnosis and treatment?  


  1. CARRIE, what a wonderful article, and I am so touched by what you did for your friend, though I expect no less knowing the kind of person you are.

    One of my best friends called me up a few years back, and told me that they had found a lump, and I reassured her that it was probably a cyst since she was only 29 yrs old. Well, it wasn't-it was cancer. She had a lumpectomy done, and out of respect for her family, I let them see her as she came out of surgery. Soon I got a call, and her sister said she just wanted me, and I flew up to the hospital. She was so sick from the anesthesia and was vomiting, and my heart was so broken. For some reason my presence comforted her, and I stayed with her as long as I could.

    Praise the Lord she is still cancer free, and I so admire her courage through the whole ordeal. Just having someone to talk to helps, so if that's all you can do for someone who is going through this dreaded disease, by all means listen. Some, like Carrie's friend, may not want to talk about it, but be willing to listen to those who do!

    Continued prayers for Nancy, that she will remain in divine health, and that God will continue to bless her books and her life.

  2. DIANA, I have had so many people make comments to me that makes me feel they see the Holy Spirit in me and I bet that is what they see in you. It is the presence, the strong host, with us that they really want, the ultimate Comforter.

  3. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer it was quite a shock. No one in my family had it. I never once felt I would die from it. I just had the peace that God would bring me throuh it. Did I ever cry? You bet. Did I ever get down? You bet. I lived in another state from my family and I didn't receive a whole lot of support. I even had friends that stayed away from me because they either thought they might catch it or they didn't know what to say to me! It was my church family that rallied around me and gave me the support I needed. About half way through my treatments I cried out to God and said I can't do this any more. He said, yes you can! I am here by your side! The best thing to do if you are going through this is pamper yourself. It is o.k. to let housework go. It is o.k. to order take out. You don't have to show anyone how strong you are. Let them take care of you if they offer!

    I didn't understand why I had to go through breast cancer until 2 years ago when my oldest sister was diagnosed with it. I went with her to her doctor's appointments and through her treatment. I was able to tell her what to expect, how she would react, and that she would make it! She is now a survivor too!

    I hope we all can be more supportive of one another. Reading this post was so up lifting. To be there for someone is the greatest thing you can offer at the time.

    I must add one more thing. God used me for His glory through my cancer experience. I was able to testify to so many people during that time of my life. I would like to think that I planted many seeds. God Is Good!

  4. I had an employee diagnosed with breast cancer. She worked through chemo and radiation with very few sick days. She had many employees helping her at home because she was a single parent of 3 children. She had support from her church also. She was very appreciative of all the support she had. She said she felt she could just take care of herself through all the treatment. I look forward to reading your book.

  5. JUDY, can I post your comment as a guest post? We will have other breast cancer survivors on this summer and I found your comment to be what our ministry is about. Thanks!

  6. LORI, wow, I pray you friend is doing well now. I see this was your employee. I pray her children are doing fine, too.

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  8. Amazing you asked JUDY that, CARRIE; I felt such a strong anointing on her comment as I read it, I had the Holy Ghost bumps. Of course it wouldn't be the first time that we have been on the same page, CARRIE (pun intended!):)

  9. I have a dear friend and sister in Christ. She was a living testimony during her breast cancer treatment. She had a breast ampution in 2006. She had the most aggresive cancer and went through chemo too. After 2 years she felt lead by the Lord to stop with all the hormone treatments she was going through. She's still cancer free. PTL!

  10. Carrie, you most certainly may post my comment as a guest post. If what I had to say helps just one person going through breast cancer, Praise the Lord! It is through Him and only through Him that we can make it along our Life's Journey.

    You have a wonderful site here and a great young lady, Diana, who is a great asset to this site as well. I feel I have made two wonderful friends in Christ. The Glory of it is, we are never alone!


  11. What a sweet thing to say, JUDY. CARRIE, and I are so blessed by wonderful ladies such as yourself, who take the time to come over and share your thoughts and prayers with us! Without you and others such as yourself, there would be no OTT, and we really count you as a blessing and a dear friend in Christ.

  12. Our WINNER this week is SUZANNE STOCK! CONGRATS to Suzanne! We enjoyed having NANCY Herriman on this week. Thanks to all of you who left comments thoughout this time!


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