18 April 2012

Teresa Mathews Reviews Prize of My Heart by Lisa Norato

Prize of My Heart
by Lisa Norato

(Bethany House, 2012)

4 Stars ****

In this exciting tale Lisa weaves a story of mystery, secrets and forgiveness and of a hero that is a handsome Privateer! What more can you ask for?

Captain Brogan Talvis, one of the greatest Captains from the War of 1812, is a man on a mission to find his son. When he returned from war three years ago he was told by his now deceased wife that she gave away his two year old son and she made sure he would never be found. But Brogan has searched everywhere and now he has finally found his precious Ben in the home of a prominent shipbuilder, Nathaniel Huntley. Ben is being cared for by Mr. Huntley’s beautiful daughter, Lorena. There is nothing Brogan won’t do to reclaim his son. But will Brogan be able to sweep in and sail away with his son as he has planned or will the God he has turned his back on have other plans for him?

Lorena Huntley is the beautiful, sweet spirited daughter of Nathaniel Huntley, who is not above getting her hands dirty working alongside the servants. That is why when she first encounters Captain Talvis in the seaside shipyard; he thinks she is a mere servant girl. Lorena doesn’t know who this handsome stranger is that has intruded on her quiet time with the Lord, but she knows he stirs feelings in her she has never encountered before.

Lorena has been having troubling premonitions, but little does she know she will soon be the one in need of rescue and this giant of a man will be her rescuer.

When a childhood friend takes Lorena against her will on a voyage to England, Lorena’s father begs Brogan to go after them and bring her back. This is not the plan that Brogan has in mind; he just wants to take his son and leave. Will Brogan come to realize that Lorena means as much to him as his son does?

There are some twists to this story I was not expecting, Lisa did a wonderful job of creating a story that held my attention until the end. Hopefully we will be reading more from her in the near future.

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  1. Awesome review Teresa! Loved to read it. :)

  2. Thanks, TERESA, for this review! I loved this book and it has "sticking power" I have found - I keep thinking about it!

  3. Thank you MARIAN and CARRIE. I am so sorry I haven't been on here yet but my sister had an emergency yesterday and I'm taking her to the doctor in a few minutes. I'll check back in a little while. Please pray for her!

  4. Oh Teresa, I hope your sister is doing well and gets a good report from the doctor. I will be praying for her!

    What a pleasure it was to read your review again, Teresa! Thank you for your kind, encouraging words.

  5. Nice review, TERESA. We are praying for Miriam. She is such a sweetheart, just like her sister!

  6. Great review! Loved this book!! And I'm so sorry about your sister.. hope she's okay. :-)

  7. love to have this for my daughter!!! thanks!

  8. thanks for the chance to read this beautiful story :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  9. Hi, MARYLU! Thank you so much for your encouraging words to Lisa! TERESA still isn't back, so I'm kinda filling in for her. Hope no one minds! :)

  10. MURRAY, this would be a perfect book for your daughter. Such a tender story, and you being the history buff that you are, would probably love it yourself...plenty of rich history, and the hero's POV as well!

  11. Welcome, KAREN, and thank you for expressing an interest in Lisa's book!

  12. Thank you everyone, still not sure what's going on with my sister. We are going to the hospital for a MRI and some more tests tomorrow. Thank you for the kind words and prayers.

    DIANA, you are my HERO! NO ONE would ever mind hearing from you! :)

  13. Thank you, T. Just take care of your sissy and know we are praying.

  14. Thanks for the giveaway! Sounds like a must read.



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