12 January 2012

Review by Marian Baay of A Memory Between Us by Sarah Sundin

A Memory Between Us by Sarah Sundin
5 stars *****
(Revell, 2010)

Review by Marian Baay

This is book two in the Wings of Glory series about the Novak brothers who serve as bomber pilots in WWII (available for purchase through CBD and others.) Most of this story takes place in England.

In this second book we meet Major Jack Novak, pilot on a B-17 bomber plane.When Jack gets injured and lands in the hospital, he meets Army Nurse Lieutenant Ruth Doherty. Jack is determined to win Ruth’s heart. But Ruth is not interested in men. Eventually they become friends, but Ruth cannot give more of herself to Jack, because of something awful that happened to her 8 years ago.
Jack also has fears from his past. Both Jack and Ruth let their fears control their actions and it drives them apart. 

Can they let go of their fears and give it all in God’s hands? Or will their own need to be in control keep them separated?

Sarah writes so beautifully that I imagined myself in the B-17 together with Jack and his crew. I also went trough the training for Flying Nurse with Ruth. That was tough, I think I never would have made it!

Although the subjects in this book were pretty tough, there was much to learn from Jack and Ruth about love, faith, and forgiveness.

Format: Large print, Kindle and paperback available through Amazon

Ruth was raped 8 years ago. And when she comes to work with a male collegue she faces some pretty tough situations.

Bibliotherapy: Rape, death of parents, pride, and trust.

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  1. Another great review, Marian! Thank you! These sound like such great books and the covers are wonderful!

  2. Marian - thank you for another wonderful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed this book.

    Diana - I've been so pleased with the covers Revell designed for my novels. They're simply gorgeous.

  3. I read and reviewed "Blue Skies Tomorrow" by Sarah Sundin, and I really liked it. Because of my review schedule, I have not had time to go back and read the first two in the series, so I would love to win a copy of one of those! :)

    Good review!

  4. I want to read them all, too, Shoopette! Thanks for the nice review, Marian!

  5. Marian thank you so much for the review, you did a great a job. I am going to have to read these books by Sarah.

  6. Diana, I love the covers of Sarah's books. They really are beautiful!

    Sarah, can you choose the models on your covers? Or is it just wait and see where they come up with?

    Shoopette, Blue Skies Tomorrow is the only book I haven't read yet. It's on my shelf waiting untill I have time to read it. I hope that time comes soon!

    Carrie and Teresa, I hope you get the chance to read Sarah's books soon!

  7. You guys are all so nice :)

    Marian - I do not pick the models. Revell sends me a cover questionnaire asking what the characters look like, outfits, possible settings, etc. I tend to send them a lot of photos, especially uniforms and scenery. Of the six models on the covers, only one looks exactly like the character in my mind (Ray). Jack and Helen are pretty close. Walt, Allie, and Ruth not at all - but they do fit my general description and I love how they look. I loved how Revell got the details right - the uniforms and outfits, the B-17, the backgrounds. The theater in the background for Blue Skies Tomorrow is the actual El Campanil Theatre in Antioch where several scenes take place, and the movie on the marquee ("Cover Girl") is one Ray and Helen watch in the novel. Most importantly the covers really capture the feel of the books without any cheesiness. I'm thrilled. I can't wait to see what they put together for my next series :)

  8. This sounds like a wonderful book. I've always wondered how the covers were done, so thanks for answering Marian's question! :-)

    You're a new author to me, and I loved the review. I'd love the opportunity to read one of your books.

  9. Hello, I am new to this novel, and I would love to win any of them and have the chance to read, enjoy and share them by reviewing on my blog.

  10. I read "A Memory Between Us" and really enjoyed it. I'd love to win a copy of either of the other books in the series.


  11. I have only read "A Memory Between Us" but want to read them all. I do have on my wish list but just can't seem to get that little extra I need to buy. I love Sara's books and would recommend everyone read them as they are such touching stories.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  12. Sarah, thank you for explaining how the covers are done! I think it's very exiting for you to see where Revell comes up with. When do you expect the cover for your new book?

    Rebecca, Kim, Pam and misskallie thanks for joining us and for your comments!


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