17 January 2012

Carrie Fancett Pagels Reviews The Redemption by MaryLu Tyndall

The Redemption
The Legacy of the King's Pirates (Book 1)
By MaryLu Tyndall
(This originally released in 2006 by Barbour, re-released in 2011by Mission Books)

Reviewed by Carrie Fancett Pagels

This was a Christy award nominee!

One of the reasons that I bought my Kindle (click here to purchase Kindle copy!) was so that I could read MaryLu Tyndall's books!  This was her debut novel, as I understand it, and the freelance editor who was helping me with my manuscript, Susan Lohrer, had worked with MaryLu on this book. So I was anxious to read it, knowing that history on it.

This was a tension-filled book right from the get go and didn't let up until the end.  Lots of layers of plots and subplots and excellent characterization.  The heroine had to go through a lot (and more than I like to put mine through!) but even the icky stuff seemed central to the plot line.  

Charlisse is a feisty heroine who doesn’t give up.  Her father, a dissipated wreck of a man is a nasty pirate but Charlisse does not know that when she sets out to find him, leaving the abusive care of her uncle in England.  One of her father’s crew is just as conniving as he is and has designs upon Charlisse (actually most of the men in the book are lecherous but this one is the worst!)  MaryLu upped the nasty factor on this one (SPOILER ALERT) by the attractive but lecherous man being her own cousin (which served as no deterrent to him!)  The hero, Edmund Merrick is a Christian and a privateer.  He is put in danger and risks all to save Charlisse. 

Set in the 17th century Caribbean, there are enough pirates, ships, danger, and romance to entertain many types of readers!

Bibliotherapy elements: Abuse, abandonment, betrayal, perseverance, grace, and redemption.

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  1. Sounds VERY good! Can't wait to read it :))

  2. Great review, Miss Carrie, and Maid Marian you must read the whole series. I have an embarrassing confession to make--I read this whole series when it came out awhile back, and the covers didn't have MaryLu's pic on back and I didn't read info on the author, and for a long time I thought M.L. Tyndall was a man. I thought, "This guy writes really well for a guy!" I was shocked when I saw the lovely lady who wrote the series! LOL! Another blonde moment in the life of me!:)

  3. LOL, Diana, you thought MaryLu was a man??? WOW, were you off the mark!! Met ML at ICRS one year, and she's petite and adorable, so I'm glad she has her pic on the covers now!!

    Redemption is one of the few of ML's books I have not had the pleasure of reading -- yet -- but I definitely will, whether I win it here or purchase through Amazon, it is on my TBR list.

    Thanks for the opportunity! LOVE this blog!!


  4. MARIAN, So glad you won a MaryLu book last week over on Colonial Quills! I want to read the other two as well. Wait till you see Teresa MATHEWS' reviews of the other two.
    DIANA, I remember you telling me you thought MaryLu was a guy!

  5. JULIE, you are such a sweetheart. I went over to FB to give you a word of encouragement this morning and here you are over here encouraging me! So glad you love this blog. Diana and I continue to pray for God's blessing on our outreach and we are so blessed Teresa now joined us in this undertaking and Marian has been sending us reviews, too, which is awesome!!!

  6. Well, I must say, I've never been accused of being a man before! LOL. You all had me laughing pretty loud this morning. :-) I even dress like a man most of the time and can't pull it off. Diana, no problem. I have blond moments every day!
    Funny thing is, I wanted my pen name to be M.L. Tyndall because I wanted to attract male readers. I thought they'd like my books just as much as women. I used that name for 4 or so books before my publisher asked me to use my full name. They thought it would help to sell more books to women! So, I guess I can't win.

    Marian, were you able to get the book on Kindle? I know there was some question about being able to do that in the Netherlands. I hope you enjoy it!!

    Waving at Julie, who is the one who is petite and feminine and adorable and who looks NOTHING like her age!

    Thanks Carrie for the great review!

  7. Yes MaryLu, the Kindle book is working over here :)) Can't wait to read it.
    Thank you!

  8. an excellent review...thanks for the chance to read this fabulous novel :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  9. Sounds like an adventure packed, story with plenty of twists and turns to keep one reeling! Definitely a review that makes me want to check this book out! Thanks :)

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  10. MARIAN, I know you are a picky reader but I feel pretty confidant that you will enjoy this book!

    KAREN, Thanks! What a great read this was!

    FAYE, I am not exactly sure how old you are but this one might be just a tad dicey despite it being a Christian fiction. Quite a bit of inappropriate male attention. But if you are in a public high school you might be getting pirate type behavior there!

  11. Yes, Carrie, I agree.. I tried to make the pirates as authentic as I could and let's face it, some pirates were very lecherous. There is no cussing, no sex, no nudity or anything like that, but there are a few "attempted" rape scenes. However, this book was published by one of the most conservative Christian publishers, so I'm sure it will pass most Mom's tests. :-)

  12. Great review Carrie, I will tell you this book is one of my top 10 of all time. The other two in the series were right up there too. I don't think I have ever had as much fun reading any books as I did these. WONDERFUL JOB "Mr" Tyndall. JK Diana you are so funny. :)

  13. Great review, Carrie. I just finished "The Redemption" about two weeks ago and I'm currently working on the third installment of the series. MaryLu really knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat. The action, adventure, and of course romance is non-stop. And I love the spiritual aspects of her stories...how her characters grow in the Lord.
    Excellent reading! :)


  14. Thank you, Teresa! I like that you had "fun" reading these.. cause that's what I'd hoped for. That and a glimpse at God's love and grace!
    Angi, you're so sweet.. thank you so much! Glad you're enjoying The Restitution. :-)

  15. Great review Carrie and I am looking forward to reading your book MaryLu. I have added to my wish list. I have Surrender the Heart in by TBR stack and can't wait to read.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  16. Hi MaryLu! This is a book I'd love to read. I love pirate stories :-) Thanks for the opportunity!


  17. I haven't read this series, but it's nice to hear you didn't pull any punches writing it. Pirates were a nasty lot! And I am convinced, by the comments above, that you have done an admirable job portraying that :)

    I look forward to reading them! If I don't win, no problem. They are at my local library :) If I went and bought every book I didn't win, I would be broke!!! And possibly without my darling husband anymore ;) (j/k)


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