04 December 2011

Baker Mills Kodiak Cakes - Fun Stuff! Giveaway Winners

Serena Miller shared the following in comments on Diana's review:

There have been so many comments about the meals at the lumber camp making readers hungry, I've decided to share my deep, dark, cooking secret.

I have no earthly idea how to make a decent flapjack from scratch.

Oh, I've tried. I wanted to create a tasty, healthy, whole-grain product. To that end, I tried concoction after concoction but everything I made was heavy and flat. My family ate them, but they weren't real happy about it.

Then I discovered Baker Mills Kodiak Cakes on an end cap at Big Lots about a month ago. The front of the box says "Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix. All natural whole wheat, oats & honey. Add water only."

Never heard of them, but I bought one box out of curiosity. I mean, I found them at BIG LOTS! How good could they possibly be, right? And add water only? The only pancakes I had ever made with an "add water only" on the front tasted like wallpaper paste.

To make a long story even longer--after one bite of those flapjacks, I headed right back out the door and cleared out Big Lots end cap. My d-i-l drove to a neighboring town and we cleared out THAT Big Lots store as well. The boxes are all now residing in my freezer.

Here's the thing--these flapjacks are the best I've ever tasted. Whole-grain wheat flour, whole-grain oat flour, non-fat dry milk, honey, egg whites, salt, and leavening. That's it. No weird ingredients. Even my ultra-picky eight-year-old grandson scarfs them down and asks for seconds. (He obviously hasn't caught on to the fact that they're good for him) I was so afraid of running out of my flapjack stash this winter, that I was relieved when I went to their website www.kodiakcakes.com and found out that I could order them direct from the company.

Now here's the REAL surprise! At the New York Fancy Foods show--which has about 10,000 new products each year--Weight Watchers chose these flapjacks as one of their TOP TEN favorite foods and give them a 1 point rating per 4-inch flapjack. How about that? You can eat a stack of them without feeling guilty.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own stock in this company, nor am I related to any of the owners, and this was not a paid public announcement!  (CFP: Nor me!)

Link to order a pack of three through Amazon, price including shipping was under $14.  I think Diana put that on Santa's list, too ;) !!   I ordered a 6 pack for my bunch. 

Followup comment by Serena:
Well, when I checked out the site to give you all the contact information, I went ahead and wrote a little "thank you" to the company, and told them about my book and my failure to come up with something near to what my lumber camp cook would have made. I did NOT expect to get a reply. 


  1. Anne Payne is the winner for the first random.org drawing on this giveaway. I realized I had not included Melissa Jagear for the other drawings and I am choosing her as the second Kodiak Flapjack winner. Also, Santa added that to the list for Miss Diana. And Miss Kim Taylor, look for something in your goodie bag at our party - some Flapjack mix from MOI, your Crit Partner!

    Thank you all for being with us for SERENA MILLER week!

    Congrats, all!

  2. Yeah! I've figured out that I can get on blogger on my laptop but not my desktop and I don't know WHY!!! I hate computers sometimes. But now I'm super excited about pancakes, Sunday dinner is breakfast night so we'll looking forward to them!

  3. Woot, Woot!!! Thank you Beautiful Ladies for the pancake mix! I have got to get Serena's book :o)

  4. Serena I love this story...I am the baker of my family, Cheesecakes, brownie pies to 12 layer chocolate cakes, and don't let me forget Diana's fav, ooey, gooey lemon bars, you name it, I love to bake it, but I'm with you I CANNOT make pancakes. LOL! Waffles, I can do, but not pancakes, so I am going to Big Lots tomorrow and see if they have any, I have 2 really close by I can go to, so wish me luck. :)

  5. Aw, thank you, Mrs. Santa! I'm glad these pancakes are Weight Watcher recommended, or I might have a new job as a department store Santa next year! Congrats, all around! And a special thank you again to Serena.

  6. Mrs. Santa ate too many pancakes last year! And the year before! Sounds like Teresa likes the same stuff I like. I used to love to bake! Did that yesterday morning and it wiped me out.

  7. What a great story! And only add water?
    I think it's awesome that the company bought the book for all the employees. Very awesome :)

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  8. Hello fellow flapjack lovers!

    I just got a message from Baker Mills in reply to my suggestion. This is the answer I just received:

    "That sounds great to me, if you would just let me know who the winner is and where to send the mixes to I will do that. You can also find the mix at Meijer stores if you have some around you and hopefully Kroger soon.



    Cameron Smith

    Baker Mills Kodiak Cakes



    801-328-4068 (fax)

    PO Box 521938

    Salt Lake City, Utah 84152-1938

  9. Wonderful! That is so sweet! I ordered mine through Costco and for Diana, too!


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