01 November 2011

Interview with Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Jennifer Hudson Taylor is the author of Highland Blessings and her new release, Highland Sanctuary through Abingdon Press.
I met Jennifer Hudson Taylor through ACFW and she is a member of Colonial American Christian Writers and a contributor to Colonial Quills, our group blog. We are also both members of HisWriters, those who have either published or planned works with European settings. And Jennifer is our Hartline publicist advisor!
Jennifer Hudson Taylor http://jenniferswriting.blogspot.com/ welcome to Overcoming Through Time.
Highland Blessings
Would you share either the most difficult thing in your life you have had to overcome, with God’s help, or the most tragic situation or circumstance one of your character’s has had to get past?

There are a number of difficult things that seemed to cause other difficult things in my life. Some, I’m still trying to overcome. The worst feeling was the fear of losing my baby when she was born. Each time she stopped breathing and needed CPR, my husband was the hero, while I mentally fell apart. She never had a seizure while my husband wasn’t with us. God knew it was more than I could bear—and she had many.

What is your favorite bible verse and why?

“For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:37-39) Something seems to be happening in my life all the time, either it is finances, health concerns, conflicts with people or death to loved ones and all things they are going through. This verse is a constant comfort to me.

Disability friendliness: These book are available as e-books with audio capability.

What has been the most important thing you hope your readers will get from your books and why?
While each book contains a different message, I hope all of them inspire people to hunger for a stronger understanding and relationship with God, grasping the fact that He is waiting to love them unconditionally no matter what they’ve done.

As you researched your books, did you learn anything that particularly touched your heart?
Yes, it was heart-wrenching to learn how people with disabilities or mild special needs were treated in 15th century. They were ridiculed, mocked, taken advantage of, beaten, and cast out of society.
Highland Sanctuary
In this latest work, do you have any topics useful for bibliotherapy, or therapeutic influence through reading about a disorder or situation? (This latest book is bibliotherapy in and of itself!)

Yes, I tell everyone that writing is therapeutic, and Highland Sanctuary is complete evidence of it. The story came to me back when Celina was a toddler, but I didn’t feel qualified or ready to write it then. Understanding and accepting special needs and disabilities is one of my therapeutic topics.
While we’ve come a long way since the 15th century, we still have a long way to go. For instance, people assume that just because my friend’s boy looks 9 that he should behave at that age level, not realizing he’s actually only 5. We judge and criticize too quickly.

Here’s another example, my daughter still struggles with some things. She knows her locker combination and can open the lock, but if she feels rushed between classes, kids are all around her making a lot of noise and shoving each other to get to their lockers, she can’t get it open.

One day after the bell rang, about 15 kids were still out in the hall. I don’t know about the other kids, but my daughter was still out there because she couldn’t get her locker open. The teacher threatened to give all of them detention. My daughter kept saying, “but I’m a good girl!” Her main concern was that her teacher wouldn’t think she’s irresponsible. Of course, she didn’t speak up to defend herself. That is another challenge.

Things like this may end up in my stories.

Thank you Jennifer Hudson Taylor for agreeing to answer these questions. Have a blessed day and keep on writing!!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor is an award winning author of historical Christian fiction set in Europe and the Carolinas and a speaker on topics of faith, writing and publishing. Her work has appeared in national publications, such as Guideposts, Heritage Quest Magazine, Romantic Times Book Reviews, and The Military Trader. She serves as the in-house Publicist at Hartline Literary Agency and co-owns Upon the Rock Publishing, an e-publishing/publicist company. Jennifer graduated from Elon University with a B.A. in Journalism. When she isn't writing, she enjoys spending time with family, long walks, traveling, touring historical sites, hanging out at bookstores with coffee shops, genealogy, and reading.

Jennifer's fiction is represented by Literary Agent, Terry Burns with Hartline Literary Agency.

Giveaway: We are giving away a copy of Jennifer's new release "Highland Sanctuary" this week. Leave a comment and your email address on any of the posts through this Saturday during Jennifer Hudson Taylor Week!


  1. A really great interview, Carrie, and Jennifer! Jennifer, my daughter had seizures until she was about 12 years old and then they just stopped and the doctor took her off all medication; I believe God healed her. She had just a few, but it's a very scary thing so I can relate. Our Lord told us to judge not, but it's something I think we all need to work on, so thank you for mentioning that.

    All of your book covers are so lovely, and as I mentioned on CQs, my sis-in-law would love this one as she is a purple nut. Everything she wears and has inside and outside her house is purple. Hubby just bought me a purple pair of boots...won't she be jealous?! LOL! Just kidding, she won't be (she's a wonderful Christian lady), but I'm sure she will love them! Thanks, ladies, for the great interview, and may God bless all that you endeavor to do, Jennifer.

  2. Love, love, love Ms. Taylor's favorite verse. My husband quotes it all the time!! I'm a Highland groupie so sign me up! tojoleen@yahoo.com!

  3. I enjoyed Jennifer's Highland Blessing so much and would love a chance to win High Sanctuary.
    Thsnk you for the entry. Hsve a blessed day!



  4. Good day to ye, Diana! And to ye Joleen, ye bonny lassies! Just finished reading Jennifer's book!!! And ye canna miss this fine book, Sandee! Tis verra well written!

  5. Loved the interview & learning a little about highland history & Jennifer's writing career. Yes, children & adults can be cruel when it comes to others different. It's something we all need to be careful--and prayerful about.


  6. Love the interview.
    My son Jesse had grands and petite seizure several times a day. He is in the Lords hands now. But I still remember how scared I was if he would pull through.
    People can be cruel and that is sad. I remember several comments said.
    Would love to win.
    Thank you for the chance.

  7. This sounds like a good book. I liked reading about Jennifer and her daughter. I love when 'real' issues are in books.

  8. Diana, I'm so glad your daughter no longer has seizures. I believe BOTH our daughters are healed by God's glorious power and mercy!

    I'd love the purple boots, too!

  9. Joleen, That verse really has been my security blanket through many things.

    Sandee, I guess that must mean I'm a Highland Groupie, too!

    CB, It breaks my heart at how cruel kids can be to each other, adults as well. I think it is hard on a kid when they are expecting an adult (like a teacher or coach) to be the mature responsible one and they fail to lead the rest of the class in appropriate behavior--especially in middle and high school.

  10. Wendy, I'm sorry to hear about your son's passing. I pray God continues to heal your heart with each new day.

    Wendy, That is one thing I like to write about is "real issues" that touch people's hearts and lives. I hope God plants seeds and builds inspiration in others through my writing.

  11. I would love to get my hands on Highland Sanctury. Please include me in your giveaway.

  12. What a cute pooch, Debbie! Be prepared that you cannot get up once you get near the end. Everything else must be put aside!

  13. a wonderful posting...would love to read jennifer's latest novel...thanks for the chance :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  14. (Waving at KarenK! Hi Karen!)

    I just came over to say hello to one of my writing heroes. I've said it before, but Jennifer is the person I think of when I feel overwhelmed by trying to work and write and have a 'life' besides. You're incredible Jennifer! To do all you do AND take care of your family is amazing!

    I had the privilege of being a Beta Reader for Jennifer's Highland Sanctuary AND the really cool thing is that I recently won a gift basket of books on release day including both her books. So, I'll get to read it in the final version, in print!

    For any readers who are not familiar with the term Beta Readers, it's like TEST readers--someone who reads through your book after you think are you (close to being) done, just to see if anything needs tweaking. As an author, it's so difficult to catch everything when you've had your face glued to the story for months.

    Thanks Carrie and Diana and Jennifer~

  15. Hi Karen. Hey Debra! Did you get your Kindle yet? Diana was a Beta reader for my MS. What an honor to have the talented Jennifer pick you to read her book and give suggestions! Jennifer is amazing. We need to keep praying that God will continue to bless her with supernatural strength.

  16. Debra, Thank you so much! I'll be interested to know what you think between the version you read and the final. I just mailed your gift packet yesterday!

  17. Carrie and Diana,

    Thank you for having me! It was such a blessing to be on your blog.

  18. I understand your excitement, Debra, in being able to read Jennifer's final version of both of her books! I can't wait to hold Carrie's in my hands! I'll probably go door to door in my neighborhood telling anybody who will listen, "Hey, I know this author!" LOL! And they'll think I've lost my marbles. I would make a very good publicist for her, though!

    Jennifer, thank you for writing such excellent Christian books and for being a blessing and an inspiration to many.

  19. Jennifer -
    This is a wonderful interview. Highland Sanctuary sounds like a real winner. I love books set in Scotland. I would love to win a copy of it.
    Having homeschooled 5 children, 3 of which had mild learning disabilities, I am always amazed at how cruel and thoughtless some people can be.

  20. A great interview! A nice way to get to know an author better!
    So nice to read that Jennifer and I have the same favorite Bible verses.
    The verses in Romans have helped me through a lot of difficult times in my life.

    I'm really looking forward to get to know Jennifers books!


  21. An excellent interview, Ladies.Thank you. Having a special needs child can be very challenging, yet it also keeps us humbled and dependent on our true Source of help, not a bad place to be.

    I am partial to the Scottish theme and to addressing timeless issues in a fictional setting throughout all periods of history.

  22. Beemama, Bless your heart, I have prayed about whether I should homeschool my sweetie boy. Still praying about that.

  23. Is that our Marian Baay from the Netherlands? Don't even think about being anonymous, lol! What are you reading this week? You should be reading this.

  24. Janet, I wish we could have had the lunch meeting. I miss you my roomie!!! Yes, God does need to keep some of us more humble than others. Jennifer and you are both sweet ladies with God-given humility. Me, um, I think He's still working on me, often has to utilize a crow bar. Thanks for coming by, Janet!!!

  25. Yes, that was me :) I'm back on Chrome now, so I'm no longer anonymous ;)
    I'd love to read Jennifer's books. They're on my wishlist and I plan to order them for my birthday in January. Unless I can win one of them... lol

    Right now I'm reading a manuscript for the publisher. It's a mystery. New author. I forgot her name... *shame* That's a mystery ;)

  26. Hope to win this book. Love a good scottish tale. My family deals with many of these issue. My sister has seizures and my son has autism. He is the inspiration for my own blog, livingthebodyofchrist.blogspot.com.


  27. Our winner, selected by Random.org, is our second commenter, Sandee! Congrats, Sandee! Highland Sanctuary in your choice of format. Blessings!

  28. Hi, I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I awarded you blog award and you can pick it up at my blog http://labornotinvain.blogspot.com/2011/11/tell-me-about-yourself-award.html Great blog :)


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