16 October 2011

Liz Curtis Higgs Giveaways

All good things must come to an end.  I am doing that cliche just so our commenters know it is okay to leave a remark like that (Debra Marvin ;.)    )

But the end just got BETTER.  That's because Liz Curtis Higgs added on two more giveaways for our readers!!!  How awesome is that?

Camellia Tree in front of Carrie's house.

I told Liz that the writers at the ACFW conference were like bees getting nectar from the camellia tree when they all wanted to go meet with her and get a picture taken (like moi!)  This tree above is covered in buds and the blossoms just started opening.  The honeybees have found it.  And they will produce honey for the beekeeper who lives in our neighborhood.  May you be blessed with sweetness and joy from reading Liz's inspirational books!  

Today's winner from OTT is: Karen K, Congratulations!  you are the winner of the book of your choice and format for Liz Curtis Higgs.  Since she has sold millions of books and has many titles to pick from, it won't be easy!  Check your email!!!

Tomorrow I will put up the winners for the drawings by Liz! Leave a comment on any of the weeks' posts by 8:00 a.m. EST to enter!


  1. Congrats, Karen! What a blessing AND a tough decision, to be sure! I can't wait to see who the rest of the winners are!

  2. I love Camellia bushes/trees! So beautiful.

  3. Jen, congrats!!! You are the winner of the special drawing for Liz's books, her first Scottish series Thorn in My Heart, Fair Is the Rose, and Whence Came a Prince. I am listening to one of the books on audio right now and enjoying it!

  4. Wow!! Awesome giveaway....How many times has that grass looked greener on the other side?
    Thank you!

  5. WOW! Congrats, Jen! You are in for a real treat!

  6. Maureen, I think you put your comment in the wrong place, because of your grass is greener comment, so I added your name to the Dance of the Dandelion comments, but you need to go to newer post and leave an email addy, sweetie, so we can let you know should you be the lucky winner!

  7. Congrats to Melissa Jagears who won Liz's second Scottish series "Here Burns My Candle" and "Mine Is the Night"!!! And thank you, Liz, for making these two extra giveaways (FIVE BOOKS!!!) possible!!!


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