21 October 2011

Friend on Friday - Marian Baay reviews Cascade by Lisa T. Bergren

River of Time Series

By Marian Baay

5 stars *****

In Waterfall we traveled back to the 14th century with Gabi and Lia. Gabi fell in love with Marcello. At the end of the book Gabi and Lia had to travel back to the 21st century. That is where Cascade continues.

When Mom finds out what happened to Gabi and Lia she freaks out. Gabi convinces her Mom and Lia to travel back to the 14th century. When they get there a couple of months have passed since they left and some things have changed. Marcello is very happy to see Gabi again and he arranges a feast to celebrate the return of the Ladies Betarrini.

In this wonderful second book in the River of Times Series, the Betarrinis have to battle new dangers and the love between Gabi and Marcello grows. Marcello persuades Gabi to marry him, but Gabi is not sure if she’s ready for marriage.
We get to know Lia better and soon she’s falling in love with Luca.

If you liked Waterfall, I’m sure you’ll love Cascade. Lisa T. Bergren did a great job with this series. It’s written for Young Adult, but I think it’s a great read for all ages. I enjoyed it immensely and could not put the book down until it was finished.

Thanks, Marian, for the great review!  Readers – Marian is from the Netherlands.  She is a lector who reads, judges, and translate books from English into the Dutch language for publishers. She previously worked in an international operating transport company.


  1. Finally! My computer wouldn't let me log on to OTT and I wanted to read Marian's review again. Ok, here I am with a big smile!

    Marian, thank you so much for being our Friend on Friday and thank you for the review! Marian is much more than my friend on Friday, she is a dear friend every day! She liked Waterfall so much (the first book in this series) that she ordered a copy for me from CBD! I enjoyed it very much, though it totally veered away from my usual genre! It's good to get out of that rut once in awhile, and read something totally different. I want to read Cascade and Torrent (just for fun-no reviews; although I did do a review on Waterfall), I just haven't had the chance yet.

    Marian reads and reviews books from the publishing company and gives me alot of good insight on which books are good and those that are not so good. Likewise I do the same with her. I love our book talk!

    For a really exciting, fun read, order the whole set in The River of Times series! Thanks again, Marian!

  2. They are doing the first book as the club selection this month for the ACFW Book Club and I am listening to it on the audible download. Very good!

    Thanks so much, Marian, for sharing your review and being our friend every day!

  3. Wow, Carrie, you really are stepping out of your genre comfort zone! LOL! Well, actually not really, as they go back in time and then it becomes a historical fiction, so you're ok. Just don't get too excited listening to it while cleaning house...wouldn't want you to break the fine China or anything.;) I guess I need to behave myself this morning, don't I?:)

  4. Thanks for sharing my review. It was a pleasure to do. I really love this series. Right now I'm reading Torrent and I also love it.

    For me this also was a different genre than what I usually read. Like you I mostely choose historical fiction. But when I'm reading for the publisher I get to read all genres.

    Thank you two for being my friend every day!

  5. Thanks so much for covering my book in your review--honored! :-)

  6. What timing! I just bought this book today. :)

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  8. Okay... these books are definitely on my wishlist now! Marian's enthousiasm about them was so clear during our frequent mails about 'books and the things of life'. Can't wait to read them myself!

    It's funny that a lot of you are 'historical novel' lovers... just like me! During my work as a librarian I read several books in this genre. And the combination of historical fiction and this genre is just great!

    And Lisa... I recognise myself so very much in what you write on your blog...
    Quote: I think it’s that forever-kid inside me, a desire within to know something beyond myself, beyond my ordinary life. I love a good tale that captures my imagination and makes me think, “What if…”

    Thank you for writing books like these, for they give me a thrill even before I read them!

    Ilse de Boer Bostyn

  9. Pegg, that WAS perfect timing!:)

    Ilse, welcome to Overcoming Through Time! It's so nice to have you here and read your insightful comments! Yes, Marian was very excited about these books with me as well. LOL! I eventually want to read the whole series (so many books, so little time), sigh...

    Thank you for sharing Lisa's wonderful quote with us. I guess that's what makes her such an imaginative and awesome author! Thank you, Ilse, and God bless!

  10. So nice to see you here Ilse! Thanks for your comment.

    - Ilse is my dear friend from the Netherlands. We have been talking about books for some years now. -

    Diana, I know how busy you are with reading, but I hope you can find time to read the rest of the series someday. It's just terrific!

  11. Thank you for this warm welcome!

    Ach yes 'time'!... There should be a few more hours in a day just for reading! Don't you think so, Diana?

    I often say to Marian': 'Whatever would we do without books?!?'

    Our (many) bookshelves are overstuffed with books and still I think you can never have too many books! This sweet 'reading addiction' makes me buy new books every month... I order them... wait anxious for their delivery... and when they finally arrive, I'm as happy as a child, unpacking my new treasures with eyes full of wonder... marveling at their colorful look, smelling the fresh paper, feeling their soft covers,...
    And finally I'm faced by the ever difficult problem: which one shall I read first? :)


  12. Ilse, you make me smile again :) Thanks!

    I don't get to my own books, because the publisher keeps me stocked with manuscripts. There's a new package on it's way to me now.

    I finished Torrent today and it was the perfect ending to a fantastic series. You really must buy them... next month!?? :)

  13. I haven't read any of the books but they sound wonderful. I love historicals and will put these on my need to read list.

  14. Jamie, I hope you'll enjoy this series as much as I did!

  15. Thanks again, Marian, for being our guest hostess! And thanks Ilse, Jamie,Pegg, and Diana for hanging out, too! It was so nice to see Lisa Bergren here!!!

    I have done an extra special giveaway because this book is being read by our ACFW Book Club right now. Jamie congrats on winning a Kindle copy of Waterfall!

  16. Thank you! I'm so excited to start this new reading journey :) You made my day.


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