18 September 2011

Winners of Julie Lessman Week and our Blog Award!!!

One Lovely Blog award was given to Overcoming Through Time by Sheri Salatin!  Thanks, Sheri!! 
So you have to share seven facts about yourself and pass on this award to five to fifteen people so here I go!

Seven Facts about myself:
I was a psychologist for 25 years but now write full time.
I am a "Yooper" born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan but have lived in the South most of my adult life.  
I shot at an escaping prisoner when I was a prison guard in Michigan.
Baton twirling was my "life" from middle school through high school.
Am old enough to be my son's grandmother!
Married one month shy of turning 30.
Was engaged to two other men before finding the love of my life!

http://laurafrantz.blogspot.com/ Lovely blog by lovely lady Laura Frantz (it was fun writing that!!!) 
http://amhisbooks.blogspot.com  Pat Iacuzzi's just lovely revamped blog site.
http://loribenton.blogspot.com  Lori Benton  Very pretty and restful.
http://inspire-writer.blogspot.com/ Rita Gerlach, Consistently lovely.
http://americanpatriotseries.blogspot.com/ Joan Hochstetler - lovely and informative to boot!

Kelly of VA was picked by Random.org as our Julie Lessman week winner!!! Congrats Kelly and check your email!!

ACFW Book Club Winner was Wyn!  Congrats Wyn, and you win a copy of A Passion Denied!  


  1. Congratulations on your blog award!!

    Thank you so much for choosing me as a winner!! I am ecstatic and can't wait to start reading my new book!!

    Love and blessings,

  2. You're quite welcome, Kelly! Happy reading! Carrie, you shot at someone?? I'll make sure I stay on your good side! Heehee. Seriously though, I never knew you were a prison guard! You are so compassionate, loving, and such a softy, the prisoners must have loved YOU (except the person you shot at, of course).:-)

  3. YAY, KELLY ... WAY TO GO, GIRL!!! Let me know what you think, okay?


    I'm with you, Diana -- Carrie, you shot at an escaping prisoner when you were a prison guard in Michigan???? YIKES!!! Why didn't you just drop him with a baton??? :) Seriously, you have some of the MOST interesting facts I've ever read about someone, girl!!

    Thanks again for a GREAT week, my friends!! :)


  4. Oh, seeing my favorite people here is an absolutely wonderful way to wake up!! And many, many thanks for the blog award! It's lovely and I really like the facts attached about you, dear Carrie! I'm behind on my blog visiting but wanted say hello to all - I'd hug you if I could! Bless you bunches!

  5. Kelly, Congrats! You are gonna love your Julie Lessman book! Julie, yup, I should have brought my baton to work with me as it would have been more effective than the dumb rifle I had! Diana, I was not someone nice that they would like to talk to - I was a twenty-something with a major attitude. Hmmm, thinking the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree LOL! Gonna take so much heat for that one if she reads it!

  6. Laura, Isn't that logo pretty that they use for the award? Wonder who started this one. Anyways, tag you are "it". Fun playing, eh? Couldn't resist my Yooper lingo.

  7. Engaged twice to two other men, hmmm...wonder if Julie can use this in one of her new books? Female prison guard falls a prisoner with her baton, and is engaged to two men, until the love of her life comes along. Sounds like a Julie Lessman novel to me, well more like a series! LOL! People always tell me, if we didn't love you, we wouldn't tease you, so you are well loved Carrie! Julie's right, interesting facts, and that's the stuff you were willing to tell us...;-)

  8. Thank you so much Carrie, for the Lovely blog Award-- It's gorgeous! I'm putting it up on the first pg. of my new site. And thank you for becoming a follower!

    And congratulations Kelly for winning Julie's book! Enjoy!

    God bless you all--enjoy your week!

  9. Thank God I married the right one! And that he was out of college by the time I found him lol!! Diana, you could write that one as your first practice novel!

  10. Glad you like it Pat and your new website is looking so very lovely!! Have a blessed week and send me another chapter to read or else!

  11. I may do that, Carrie, and change the names to protect the innocent. LOL!

  12. Well, I commented on the wrong post, so I'll repost here! Congratulations on winning the One Lovely Blog Award--this is one of the prettiest blogs I've seen, so very well deserved! And thank you so much for passing the award on to me too. :-) I will pass it along in the next few days--of course you've already awarded many of my favorites too! lol!


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