26 August 2011

Words of Wisdom

Michael Hyatt had an excellent post the other day (I think a re-post).  In it the reader was encouraged to "Do the next thing" when stuck.  Great advice. I used that with my writing situation the other day.  Nothing back from my critique partners that morning, nothing from the freelance editor, but I could do the next thing that I could do.  And I did!  Then later in the day when my wonderful critique partners got me their suggestions I did those.  And when the freelance editor's chapters came back to me I was ready!  A lot of wisdom in those few words.  Using that Friday as I prepare to evacuate for the hurricane heading toward us.  Going to just do the next thing.  Praying the east coast is spared from a hit and from damage. Will you join me in that prayer?


  1. Have been praying, Carrie! Are you still at home or did you leave?

  2. Absolutely! Praying you are safe and well. Mike Hyatt has great advice and that was very good! How often I get stuck and its good to just do the next thing as he mentioned. Sometimes that's God's way of rearranging our priorities, He knows the exact order of things and how we learn and grow best.


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