06 May 2011

Friend on Friday - Katy McCurdy Reviews The Heiress by Laurie Alice Eakes

Jersey Brides (Romancing America)

The Heiress, by Laurie Alice Eakes www.lauriealiceeakes.co

CFP’s Note: This book is available as part of a three book collection. The original book was part of a mass market edition and is not longer readily available. However, it is the second book in

Jersey Brides, Heartsongs Presents, March 2011.

Book Review by

Katy McCurdy http://www.katieslegacy.blogspot.com/

Katie’s Rating--5 Stars

Having been introduced to the Glassick family (CFP’s comment: In the Glassblower, nominated for a Carol award) and the symbolism of the goldfinch bottle, I felt right at home reading about Daire Glassick and his adventures with this special perfume bottle. The little mystery and spiritual journey that the characters take within this book was very compelling. As always, Laurie has written another wonderful, unique story that will capture the reader’s attention from the very beginning.

The book starts fast. In the first scene Daire is trying to sell the special goldfinch bottle. We get a good idea of what Daire is like—the desperate state he is in—as he tries to find a way to get back home before it’s too late. While the reader instantly gets the feel that he is making a big mistake by selling the bottle, when a young, kind woman buys it, we feel the makings of a great story. And so it is. After Daire leaves, Susan takes the bottle home to her home. Here we quickly see how little her family thinks of her. They thought of her only as someone to care for their many kids or run the house while her mother and sisters were away doing mission work. My heart instantly went out to Susan. From the very first pages of this book I grew to really like Daire and Susan.

Laurie Eakes writing is always vivid and engaging. I was instantly taken back to that time and into the lives of both Susan and Daire. Even though it is a shorter historical book, I enjoyed this book as much as if it had been a full-length novel. The story plot was, as I mentioned, very unique. And I loved that about it! I wasn’t sure what was going to happen as Daire and Susan searched for the goldfinch bottle. I enjoyed the intriguing twists and turns along the way.

While I normally enjoy a longer novel, I enjoyed both of Laurie’s books — The Glassblower and The Heiress. The length of this shorter historical novel (for mass market) made for easy reading and I was able to finish it in a day. Everything came together and left off very well. I always know I am in for a great adventure whenever I pick up a book from Laurie! 


  1. Another winner by Laurie! She is so prolific! The cover is lovely. Thanks, Katie, and Carrie - and our dear Laurie Alice!

  2. Yes, I agree, Laura. Another winner!

    And no need to thank me--I always enjoy reading anything written by Mrs. Eakes!

    ~ Katie

  3. A great review, Katy,-I'd expect nothing less from Laurie Alice's books! I'm jumping in here because even though I've already won something in the last couple of months on Carrie's blog, I'm hoping...! :) Blessings, ladies!

  4. This was the second book in that three book series but they did not leave The Heiress up very long as a single book because they moved the release of Jersey Brides up I believe. So readers could get all three books in one, which is great. It has The Glassblower, The Heiress, and The Newcomer in it. I reviewed The Glassblower previously. We will have to get the review up for the third book too I guess!

  5. Hi, Katie! What a wonderful review. I have not yet read the Heiress or Jersey Brides, but they sound great! Laurie Alice always has such beautiful covers on her books and she is a wonderful author!

  6. Pat, - Yes, Laurie is such a gifted writer!

    Carrie - If you want, I can review The Newcomer as well. :-) I will be reading it soon anyway and it won't be a problem to write up a review for you.

    Diana - Thanks! Yes, her book covers are always so beautiful! And the stories inside equally so. :-)

  7. Laurie tried to leave a comment on here, Katie but had trouble. She posted on Facebook. She said she wanted to thank you for the nice review, Katie! Oh, send her a friend request on FB and you can see her comment yourself on my link!

  8. Thanks so much for coming by, Laura Frantz. Were your ears burning today? We were at CW and I told Jeff I have to get a colonial gown because some of us agreed to wear that for ACFW conference and I told him you have your colonial gown. Pat, are you dressing up? We are going to get lots of pics for Diana. Katy, you are on if you want to post another review. Miss Diana is a regular contributor on this blog now. We have a review of Surrender the Night, By Ms. Diana coming up next Thursday.

  9. I love Laurie as a person and look forward to reading her work! I have heard nothing but wonderful reviews and know I am going to love it. I would love to win this book and start my addiction to her books like I have with so many others. Great blog by the way! ~Cheri Horgan

  10. I enjoy longer books as well, but sometimes I'm looking for a shorter one, for a trip or when I don't have time for long reading marathons. Thanks for suggesting this one!

  11. And Cheri Hogan is our Mother's Day winner! Congrats Cheri and send me your snail mail at cfpwriter@aol.com. Blessings!


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