11 May 2011


On Monday we launched the hub and webspot for Colonial Quills http://colonialquills.blogspot.com/, begun by some of the writers of the Colonial American Christian Fiction book that I founded this fall.  I was pretty desperate to gather a bunch of other historical writers who were in the colonial storyworld.  Laura Feagan Frantz http://laurafrantz.net/ and Joan Hochstetler http://www.jmhochstetler.com/ agreed with me that we needed such a forum.  So I started somewhat systematically (okay, a spazmeister such as myself has blips of a system going!) At the ACFW conference, where I got to meet Laura in person, we got a list of names started. I knew Carla Gade http://carlaolsongade.com/, our fantastic Colonial Quills webmaster and designer, online, through Laura. Our shy Lori Benton was at conference, too, and agreed. So never having done a Yahoo group before, I set it up and began the process.  I have learned a lot, but I am all about immediate function vs. all the details. As we grew, I was hoping for a hub from where we could direct people to colonial Christian works.  A couple of weeks ago, after a fabulous birthday party here for Laura, two of our members, Roseanna White, who owns Whitefire Publishing, and Gina Wellborn, with an upcoming colonial novella, stirred the fires about a group hub/website. Wonderful Carla Gade volunteered to help us as did Rita Gerlach in setting up a design.  Newcomer Pat http://patiacuzzi.com/
who has a lovely early American history blog also got excited and offered to help moderate. Contributors from the group came on board, too and I am so excited about all the fresh columns that this now group blog will be doing. 

Come by and visit.  http://colonialquills.com/
 Giveaways every day this week.  Leave a comment and your email address on the post for the day for a chance to be entered for a colonial goody.  Blessings!

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  1. What an amazingly beautiful and interesting blog! So much work has gone into it and I'm so impressed with all the talented people that put it all together. From the gorgeous pictures to the interesting articles, it's amazing and I'm sure I'll be visiting often. Good job, everyone!!


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