04 February 2011

She Sees With Her Heart

Lady in the Mist, Laurie Alice Eakes’ new book, was delivered to me as an advance copy and thank goodness for that because my other copies have not arrived yet. ACK!!! I don’t know why, maybe because it just released. I am over halfway through and she kept me waiting to figure out if the hero really was going to be the hero or not. I think he is. ------- Okay, so I read some more. I keep doing that instead of all the chores I have waiting after my vacation to Disney with my in-laws.

Laurie Alice is blind but it really struck me as I was reading the great book that she sees with her heart. Her guide-dog, Nick, is a fantastic help, but he could not be her eyes for her writing. That just all comes from inside her and her relationship with the Lord. Will post my full review when I am done reading but then again this is one of those books you want to savor. It is a suspense as well as historical romance but not one of those must-rush-through types. I prefer getting to know my characters better.

Apparently this is available in a Kindle Audio version. Off to see what my hubby wants to buy me for Valentine’s Day. A Kindle is very romantic. Do you think so?

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