27 January 2011

Golden Keyes Parsons

Interview with Golden Keyes Parsons:

Can you tell us about your ministry?    I have been in ministry for many years, but started speaking professionally in 1996. At that time I was told that I needed to get published, so in addition to speaking at women's retreats and conferences, I began to write - as well as co-pastoring a church in Red River, NM, with my husband. I still speak, but since my husband and I retired two years ago, the bulk of my ministry is the writing.
You can read more about our ministry at

How has your life changed once you started writing about your ancestor's story?

    I don't know that I would use the word "changed," but I certainly have gained a deeper appreciation of the price that was paid for the privilege of freedom of religion. And my family was in the heat of terrible persecution to gain that freedom.

What has most surprised you about the writing journey?

    It really has been much more difficult than I ever dreamed. The writing of story is relatively easy for me, but the marketing and publicity part of it has really been hard for me. I'm rather reserved, so to jump through all the hoops to gain recognition of my books goes against my grain, so to speak.

(CFP: I heard that from almost every author, Golden! J)

How do you manage your time and keep up with your readers?    

    I really struggle with that. I like to write in the mornings, and work on the business side in the afternoons. The administrative work load is really getting heavy, i.e. the mailing of books, computer upkeep, letters and emails. The ministry is at the point where I need an assistant, and we have been praying diligently for the Lord to send someone.

(CFP: I will put that on my prayer list, also.)

What advice would you give to a new author?

    Perfect your craft and never quit. If God has called you to write, he will bring it about in his time.

Of all your characters, which one seems the most real to you?

    Definitely Madeleine Clavell. There's an awful lot of me in her.

Thanks Golden! Here are a list of her books. Watch for an upcoming review of In the Shadow of the Sun King and of Where Hearts Are Free, and a contest on this blog!

In the Shadow of the Sun King,Finalist Book of the Year 2009 ACFW
Prisoner of Versailles, Finalist Daphne Inspirational Romantic Suspense/Mystery RWA
Where Hearts Are Free, September 2010, Thomas Nelson Publishing
His Steadfast Love, September 2011,Thomas Nelson Publishing

17 January 2011

Apothecary’s Daughter

I listened to the recorded version of Julie Klassen's book. She has an elegant voice, perfect for this historical inspirational novel set in England. Lots of nice little "gifts" of information about the lives of apothecaries and their profession and the harsh realities of the transition to more "modern" medicine. A very unexpected pattern in the romances that her heroine has and in the final choice she makes. There are so many twists and turns that this is a novel that I would listen to again.


Bibliotherapy components: Losses, recovering from desertion by a parent, coming of age choices, making the hard decisions in life, and discovery of unknown close relatives.

14 January 2011

Large Print Books

"I just learned that When the Snow Flies and Lady in the Mist are both coming out in large print. February and May respectively."
Emailed to be by Laurie Alice Eakes—Lady in the Mist, February 1, 2011
Read an excerpt at:

BTW, Laurie is completely blind, the only contemporary American author I know of who is.
Why am I excited? Because I wear trifocals and have an eye problem that sometimes causes my vision to get blurry even with the glasses. I am happy for people who have poor vision but will now be able to read Laurie Alice's books. Prayers have been answered. Sometimes I get discouraged when I really want to read a new or newer book and it is not on audio or in large print. The Kindle versions on a computer screen are better, too, but not everything is available in that format.
What about you? Please leave a comment on Laurie Alice's website AND on mine, to be entered for a chance to win a copy of Lady in the Mist, her book releasing later this month. It will be in standard print and if you can read that easily, please thank your Maker today.
Blessings! Carrie







03 January 2011


Sometime this week I will be gathering the snail mail addresses of all my followers so that I can send them a late present from me - a Christian fiction book.  Please email your snail mail address to  Thanks and God bless!  Oh, and don't use that hotlink - I don't think it works!

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