01 June 2010

A Tailor-Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer

Bethany House, 2010


Book Review

I purchased my copy through CBD www.christianbook.com and it arrived about ten days ago. This recently released book was Karen's debut publication but I never would have guessed it; in fact I was pretty shocked to learn that fact. A Tailor-Made Bride read so smoothly that I assumed Karen was multi-published and that I had just not read one of her books before. Ms. Witemeyer's premise is unique: a dressmaker (Hannah Richards) arrives in a Texas town and needs help from a liveryman (Jericho "J.T." Taylor), who despises vanity, particularly in choice of clothing and appearance. The characters are well-developed and believable as well as memorable. She threads the hope of God's love throughout the chapters. I like that she included minor characters who were fleshed out and just really added to the story. One favorite character was an elderly man, Ezra, who had lost his wife and had decompensated so much that none of his former friends were coming near him. The heroine, a newbie in town, forms a special friendship with this fragile man. This is a well-populated story yet the minor characters don't overwhelm the story or the main characters, but rather support both characterization and the plot line. The book is set in Texas in the early 1880's, both popular in Christian fiction. I expect this book will please a wide audience.

I particularly recommend this book for someone looking for not only a good read but a "feel good" read. I had just finished reading a critically acclaimed book that had a bummer ending and was so glad that A Tailor-Made Bride came in the mail that day. I dove right into it and it helped me shake the "bad book ending" depression off in no time flat!


Watch for a future review by Kim Taylor of A Tailor-Made Bride.

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