28 February 2010

Obedience and Special Helpers

Isn't it great when God gives us special helpers to fulfill a mission he has assigned to us to complete? Sometimes, it is clear who these people are. Perhaps there is something He has told you to do and it requires abilities that you do not possess or other characteristics you lack that are mandatory for the job. Then it is so awesome when He puts those people in our paths and they become willing and involved in the task. Our earthly angels sure keep us going when the Evil One seeks to destroy God's plan. I have always loved reading in the bible about Barnabus, who was one of those great encouragers and helpers. God knows when we require someone alongside of us in order to do His will.

Is there a special family member or friend who has helped in God's work today? If so, give them thanks today even if no one has acknowledged your work.

Or are you the one called to serve alongside? Have you ever been put on a special assignment with someone who you knew was doing the work God had called them to do? Isn't it both an awesome AND a humbling experience? There is a special affirmation God gives you when you partner with someone who is on an extra special mission from the Lord. Be SURE you understand that the Hater will come after you, too, when he sees how God is using you. Put on the full armor of God – you will need it!

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