05 January 2010

Finding Poliana

I think I may have found a child we sponsored fifteen years ago. We agreed to do so until she was an adult, after attending a Sandi Patty concert in Buffalo for World Vision. For several years we faithfully exchanged letters and sent our sponsorship money in. Then the ministry rather abruptly (as far as my awareness of goals) stopped their sponsorship of Poliana's village. I was heartsick as there was no way to keep in touch with her. I contacted them and asked if I could sponsor her through school, but was told she was too young to be sent from the village in Brazil. Tonight I found Poliana Dos Reis De Deus of Brazil listed as a student at a school there. I am praying it is our Poliana and that she is doing find. Praying we will some day be in contact with her again. Her birthdate (June 28, 1987) was two years earlier than our daughter's. The internet has made this a smaller world, and I am thankful for that!

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