25 April 2010

One Little Bookcase!

Our local Christian Fiction writers group met at the Barnes and Noble in Chesapeake VA this Saturday. While there I checked out the titles. In this huge bookstore they had only one TINY narrow bookshelf of Christian fiction! ONE!!! I could not believe only one little bookcase of Christian fiction, most of it Amish. A local published writer, Christy Barritt, from Chesapeake, was there with us. They were able to get two copies of Kit Wilkinson's newest book and Laura Frantz's, but not Christy's (which is in my CBD basket right now). The unbelievable thing is that Regent University is just up the road from this place, one of the biggest Christian universities in the region. Only about two dozen authors were represented, total. This just reaffirms why I normally stick with CBD. Their catalogs come and they do such a great job of describing the books and also have author interviews online.

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