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03 August 2011

Book Review - Dance of the Dandelion by Dina Sleiman

Dance of the Dandelion

By Dina Sleiman

Published by White Fire  whose motto is "Where the Spirit Meets the Page."

Reviewed by Carrie Fancett Pagels


I gave this Five Stars – I hesitated, almost giving it four because of some of the elements, but the story was so compelling and so well done that I could not.  And the elements that disturbed me were not at all gratuitous elements but intrinsic to the plot.  I could not stop reading Dandelion’s story, she was such an intriguing and different character. 

This is a debut book for Ms. Sleiman,  published by White Fire.  Out now in e-book format, it is available on Kindle as a download, which is how I read it.  The book will be out in print this fall.  I was privileged to critique part of this book this past winter but my comments to Dina, along with Narielle Living another writer friend, we both agreed that “What could we tell her about this book?”  We could not see from looking through the first chapters where we would edit anything.  It is a very well-written book and unique, unusual, in how it addresses the subject of seeking after God’s deepest love.

This is not a typical Christian fiction book and was not picked up by the mainstream CBA market yet it is an inspirational work, with a strong literary element (though not the bummer ending like so many literary books have).  Dance of the Dandelion has violence and lots of sensuality/sexuality in there although it is not erotica, but is meant to show the struggle and journey of Dandelion.  This is a "seekers" book, about a young peasant girl’s path to a deep relationship with God. Young women today could relate to the relationship issues that Dandelion has to process and go through to ultimately know herself and enter into a right relationship with God before being part of a complete marital union on earth.

Dance of the Dandelion is a page turner and a compelling read.  You will find yourself having to find out what happens to Dandelion and being up half the night!  Congratulations, Dina, and thanks for giving us this fresh new work!

Bibliotherapy: Poverty, abusive relationships, obsession, forgiveness, and healing. This would be a wonderful resource for therapists to use with young women struggling with relationships.

Giveaway: Leave a comment for a chance to win either the e-book (available now) or a paperback copy when it releases next month!  And leave your email addy, too! 

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