Our Review Policy

Normally we are reviewing books that we choose.  The reviewers for this blog are not, in general, reviewing promotional copies unless we request them and we will note this in the review per FTC guidelines.  This differs from many blogs in which reviewers are reviewing books sent to them by publishing companies for the purpose of reviewing them.  

We all love Christian fiction and have our favorite books and authors and are always looking for new wonderful authors' books to read.

Carrie is an author, so she is reading books for comparative purposes for the manuscript she is completing at the time. Generally since Carrie does the interviews she will only do a review if the book is exceptional.

We primarily review historical inspirational fiction. We do on occasion review contemporary or Young Adult inspirational fiction. Occasionally we have nonfiction as well.

Marian, our Dutch reviewer is an editor and author, also, so reviews many types of books including some speculative fiction and suspense. 

If we are reviewing a book as an advanced reader copy from the publisher, we will note that in the blog post. There is no guarantee of a positive review. We will not post less than a four star review. We see no point in completing the read of a book that is at only three stars. 

Four Stars - Very Good
Five Stars - Excellent, not to be missed!

Normally, we request interviews with authors whose books we review.  We are looking for testimonies of God's help in the author's life as they overcome difficulties.  We pray that these posts will bless our readers!

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