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Carrie Fancett Pagels, is Owner/Administrator of Overcoming With God. Carrie is a published Christian Historical Fiction author. Click here to go to Carrie's website.
She is the founder of the Colonial American Fiction Writers Group and owner and administrator of the Colonial Quills group blog. Carrie is a periodic columnist for the The Book Club Network's E-zine.

Holding a Ph.D. in School Psychology, Carrie has over twenty-five years’ experience as a licensed psychologist. She enjoys interviewing writers/authors about their experiences in overcoming.      

Carrie lives in the historical triangle of Virginia with her wonderful husband and son.Their adult daughter lives nearby.

Prayer warrior is a valued title and a compliment and Carrie covets your prayers as well. She is a member of Northside Christian Church.

Carrie is available for speaking engagements.  Email her at OvercomingWithGod @aol.com. 


Diana Flowers is Senior Reviewer for the blog.
Diana is an avid reader/reviewer who especially loves historical fiction, including colonial and frontier settings, the pre and post Civil War eras, and on the opposite end of the spectrum—anything Amish and even some contemporary suspense. She is also a beta reader and an influencer to multiple Christian authors.

She lives with her husband in South Carolina, and especially enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, going to church, and the beach. Diana posts her reviews here, on Amazon, Christian Book Distributors, and various other bookstore sites.


Teresa was raised in Columbia, South Carolina by wonderful Christian parents. She started taking piano lessons at the age of five. She met her husband, Carlton at church; he is the Worship Leader at Abundant Life Assembly, she is the pianist. They have been blessed with two sons who she home schooled (both are now in college.) An avid reader, Teresa will be found with a book (or Kindle) in her hand during free time. 


Marian Baay; editor, reviewer, writer
Marian Baay is a Dutch girl – born and raised in the Netherlands. She grew up swimming in the North Sea, riding horses, and devouring many books. She got married in 2000, bought her dog in 2002, and acquired various rodents in the years after that.

She works as a freelance editor for a Dutch publisher and recommends books for translation into the Dutch language. Since early 2012 she is a reviewer on the blog “Overcoming With God”. She also posts her reviews on GoodReads, Amazon, CBD, and Barnes and Noble. In 2013 she started writing and she released her first story HEAVEN IS NOT FAR in September 2013.


I live on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia with my husband and teenage son Nathan, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was four. We also have two beautiful older daughters; the eldest married and with one cute little son… so far! My passions include helping the needy, and praying for and supporting the persecuted through Brother Andrew’s ‘Open Doors’ ministry. I LOVE God, church, and my wonderful family and friends... including all my new cherished online friends. I enjoy blessing and encouraging others and look out for opportunities to do that often. Reading has become a huge passion in the last couple of years, with my favourite genre being Inspirational Historical Romance. And I’m thoroughly enjoying and loving the ministry that the Lord led me to with this fantastic team of ladies on ‘Overcoming With God’. 

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