About Overcoming With God

How is this blog different from other blogs?  

The Overcoming With God (OWG) blog features interviews and guest posts about Christian authors (and readers) coping with, and overcoming, life's issues, with the help of our Lord. We hope that readers will find posts here that will serve as an example and an encouragement. OWG believes we can learn from each other's testimonies of God's faithfulness in bringing healing to our lives.  When we review books, we we're looking for inspiring and encouraging stories that reflect God's love and provision. 

Our inspirational verse is John 16:33 (NIV) "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."


How are your reviews any different from someone else's book reviews?
Carrie looks at the bibliotherapy aspect of the book.
OWG bloggers review books we've chosen ourselves, either through request, such as through NetGalley, or which we have purchased to read for review or where we've asked for an ARC.  We are not currently on any publishing houses blog tours. Diana reviews from the viewpoint of a Christian historical fiction fan, as does Teresa.  Marian is a reviewer (for possible publication in the Dutch language for a publisher) in the Netherlands, and is also a writer, so she offers an international perspective as well as considering the craft of the writing. Carrie will occasionally comment on craft issues, also, as an author. Our newest reviewer, Noela, is an avid reader from Australia, and gives her own special insight in her reviews.

What is bibliotherapy? This is the use of media to bring about a therapeutic result.  Thus, counselors, psychologists, and other helping professionals might want to recommend a certain book because it addresses a specific mental health issue.  Or the book reviewed may deal with major life events or developmental life issues that would help some readers.  For example, let's say a book includes veterans' reactions to trauma - that book might be recommended for those recovering from PTSD.

What do you mean by "Disability Friendly"?  Carrie likes to find and review audiobooks, so we try to notate this for persons with eyesight difficulties or who simply prefer this option. We also like to know if a book is available in large print, for similar reasons. Since most books are now available as an e-book with text-to-speech option, we like to know if the book is not. (We recently added a new audiobook page to our website, too, so you can find good choices in one section!)

What if I am just looking for a great inspirational read?  
We are picky!  You won't find a book reviewed by a contributor if it earns a three star (an okay book but we don't want to spend our time reading something that is just so-so -- and we bet you don't either!)

We welcome you to Overcoming With God! Have a seat on the sofa, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and come visit with us for a while.  We want you to feel like you are at home, with old friends!  Blessings!

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